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Moving in accordance with its master’s will, the dusk tempest formed innumerable tornadoes that swiftly morphed into spears at Roel’s command.

These were invincible spears of wind that corroded anything that stood in their way, making them nigh impossible to guard against. Even space seemed to freeze in place before this tremendous force of nature. With a wave of Roel’s arm, the countless spears of wind whizzed toward Priestley with deafening roars.

On the other hand, Priestley had already channeled an overwhelming amount of mana that revitalized his body back to its prime. Faced with the menacing aggression coming from one of the Six Calamities, he raised his staff and summoned countless spirits that shone brightly around him.

With these spirits as the catalyst, the sky suddenly seemed to reverse at his command, and the all-devouring blinding white light reemerged in the world.

The two powers clashed and attempted to devour each other.

Roel felt stronger than ever with the buff he had received from the Witch Queen and Lilian’s blood, even more so than he was with Peytra’s Blessing. With ample mana sustaining him, he could afford to throw whatever he wanted against Priestley without much worry.

His Origin Attribute started to quiver as he floated into mid-air. He gazed at Priestley with eyes glowing like candlelight as he raised his palm and channeled the full prowess of the Crown’s Stone, as if he was really intending to unleash the ancient monster upon the world.

A towering silhouette with an indistinct face vaguely appeared amongst the dusk yellow wind. It was the deathbringer that had brought down countless ancient civilizations.

It was only then that Priestley finally understood the source of Roel’s confidence.

“Is this the reason behind your arrogance? The legendary monster who has driven many ancient civilizations into extinction, one of the envoys of the Mother Goddess—Tempest Caller. It’s indeed an embodiment of fear,” said Priestley as he stared at the monster formed out of wind.

He lowered his gaze afterward to look at Roel.

“Through the power of the Crown’s Stone and your unusual spell, you were able to exert might surpassing that of Origin Level 3 transcendents… I’m honestly impressed, but what gave you the idea that you would be able to threaten me just by reaching Origin Level 3?

“That’s no more than the minimum requirement for you to stand in my presence.”

Priestley’s voice boomed loudly as he raised his staff, and the white surge of light began expanding massively. The countless wind spears whizzing toward him dispersed before any could even reach him.

He raised his head and stared directly at the indistinct apparition in the sky, fearless like a true sovereign.

Priestley might have been growing weaker over the years, but that didn’t change the fact that he was an Origin Level 1 transcendent. The wisdom and experience he had accrued over the years from braving through

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