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Chapter 308.5: Lilian’s Lie (2)

“Wait a moment, senior. The fortresses are going to disappear the moment you start teleporting away, right? Things won’t work if that’s the case!”

It was thanks to the Ten Fortresses that they were able to channel the spatial magic without being disrupted. However, as soon as Lilian started teleporting away, the Ten Fortresses would crumble and everything would be exposed before Priestley.

No matter how slight the delay was, there was no way the Magician King would allow the teleportation to go through the moment they showed an opening.

Roel stared at Lilian intently as he voiced his doubts, but he was unexpectedly met with silence. Realization struck him hard as his eyes slowly widened. It took a while before Lilian finally sighed grudgingly.

“I really wish that you could be just a little dumber at times like this.”

Her voice was hoarse and quivering. Unable to hold back the choking feeling of an impending farewell anymore, tears finally started flowing down her amethyst eyes.

She had never intended to leave from the very start. She was fully aware that the enemy standing before her was the Magician King. There was no way he would let any chances slip him by. She knew that she would die the moment the Ten Fortresses collapsed.


“I’m sorry, I miscalculated. This is our only resort.”

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“W-wait a moment, what are you saying?!”

Sensing Lilian’s resolve to die, Roel’s face turned ghastly pale. Her words struck his mind hard like a sledgehammer, forcing him to open his eyes to the fact that there was no alternative out of their current quandary if he wanted the two of them to survive.

Artasia had won the bet.

With trembling hands, he began to invoke ‘Artasia’s Descent’.

Compared to Lilian’s death, he would rather have her share a body with Artasia. At the very least, she would still be alive.

But the unexpected happened. The spell failed.


The complete lack of response after casting ‘Artasia’s Descent’ caused his mind to blank out. At the same time, light began converging around his body as the process of spatial transference began.

“No, just give me some more time! There has to be a way out of this! I still have the egg of the Six Calamities. As long as I absorb it, I should at least be able to buy some time…”

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“… What?”

“You fool. How could I allow my younger brother to sacrifice himself for me?” replied Lilian naturally.

She looked at Roel with eyes filled with tenderness.

“You are the one Priestley is targeting. He’s desperate to kill you. He fears you. You harness far greater potential than me, and there are many people out there in the world who love you. Your future is destined to be brighter than the stars. It’s my duty as a fellow human and your older sister to send you out of here

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