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‘Future’ was a very vague term. It could be referring to a time period beyond now or the abstract concept of what was upcoming. When this term was used on the whole of humankind, the idea it embodied suddenly became extraordinarily heavy.

What did the future of humankind refer to?

Such a question floated in Roel’s mind as he slowly began to regain consciousness. Everything that had happened before he passed out flashed across his head. When he finally opened his eyes once more, he found himself lying in a clean bedroom. He blinked his eyes blankly before abruptly rising upward.

“… Where am I?”

Roel clutched his aching body as he began scanning his surroundings. There was furniture in the room, but the lack of personal possessions hinted that it was unoccupied prior to his arrival.

Is it a temporary ward?, Roel wondered.

Before he could say anything, a glowing spirit suddenly descended from the sky. It circled above him for a while before heading toward the doorway.

Is it telling me to follow it?

Catching the spirit’s drift, Roel got down from his bed and walked out of the bedroom. He found himself faced with a dark and empty corridor. After turning at a few bends, he finally arrived at the main hall located at the center of the building.

The spirit suddenly flew upward at this point, and Roel’s eyes moved along with it. There, he caught sight of a figure floating in the middle of the hall.

It was a black-haired woman donning a long dress. She was the person whom Roel had asked for help yesterday night, but compared to before, Astrid appeared to be a little fatigued.

Perhaps sensing Roel’s stare, she opened her eyes and gazed upon him in surprise.

“Are you already able to walk? It looks like you have healed up well.”

Astrid descended from the sky as she spoke.

Roel was dazed for a brief instant before anxiously asking about everything that had happened after he lost consciousness. Astrid chuckled softly and filled him in on the aftermath of the battle that occurred yesterday night.

After parting ways from Roel last night, she managed to arrive at the battlefield in time and saved Lilian from Priestley’s attack. She was forced to clash with Priestley in the midst of doing so, and their battle ended up reducing an entire half of Leinster to rubble.

Currently, both Astrid and Priestley were in the midst of recuperating from their exertion.

“Had we fought in the academy, I would have been able to use my Dream Realm Barrier to protect the buildings in the vicinity. That would have limited the damage to Leinster.”

“Dream Realm Barrier?”

“Yes, it allows me to overlay the Dream Realm over reality. Any destruction caused within the range of the barrier would vanish once the barrier is removed,” said Astrid.

Roel widened his eyes as he finally understood why this monumental battle didn’t leave any marks in Saint Freya Academy in the present timeline. He proceeded to ask where

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