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Roel took a glance at the clock on the wall and sighed helplessly. He quickly got up and started tidying up his appearance.

Based on what he had agreed on with Lilian, they were supposed to have already changed shifts by now. However, she didn’t come in to wake him up.

I guess it’s a good thing that my encounter with Artasia allowed me to wake up in time, or else I might have slept till the following day.

After tidying himself up, he walked out of the bedroom and saw Lilian sitting gracefully on the lounge outside, diligently guarding the area. She was a little surprised to see Roel up and moving around. She had just checked on him a while ago and he was still fast asleep then.

“You’re awake? Did something happen?”

“It’s time for us to change shifts. You should have woken me up.”

“I’m stronger than you. Besides, it’s only right for me, as the older sister, to take care of my younger brother.”


Lilian’s insistent attitude made Roel sigh yet again.

“Go to sleep right now,” he said.


“Preserving the condition of the elites is one of the basic principles of warfare. My fighting prowess is greatly restricted here, so it’s likely that I’d need your help on many things later on.”

“… I understand.”

Hearing that she was needed put Lilian in a good mood, and she obediently marched off to sleep. Meanwhile, Roel stretched his body a little before finally settling down on the sofa. He was ready to deal with any fights that would be breaking out tonight.

There was another reason why he chose to sleep first—the movement patterns of the monsters in the Salvation Legion. Those black-armored soldiers and black-robed figures tended to move in the middle of the night, so he specifically chose to stand sentry at this time so that he could respond to any emergency calls for help without having to trouble Lilian.

His prediction proved to be wildly off the mark.

There was no emergency tonight at all. In fact, the frontlines were calmer than ever.

What’s going on? Is the Salvation Brotherhood holding themselves back out of fear of Lilian’s strength?

Unable to find reasons to rationalize this bizarre peacefulness, Roel felt deeply uneasy, as if he had overlooked something very important.

His thoughts were soon disrupted with a shout coming from the bedroom.



Roel dashed into the bedroom the moment he heard Lilian’s shout, but there were no enemies in the room. There was only a trembling Lilian sitting on the bed, breathing raggedly.

Did she have a nightmare?

Noticing how Lilian’s amethyst eyes were quivering uneasily, Roel reproached himself for his carelessness. Too many things had happened recently that he had forgotten that Lilian wasn’t in the right state of mind at the moment.

Right before entering the Witness State, she witnessed the gruesome corpse of one of her acquaintances. The revelation that they were bloodline kin distracted her from the t

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