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Astrid Arde.

Roel found his mind blanking out the moment he saw that name.

Arde? Are they the Ardes that I know of?

The Ardes were known as the Shadow Eagle of the Ancient Austine Empire, the predecessors of the Ascart House. Roel was stunned for a moment before his heart started pounding in excitement.

He never thought that there would still be surviving members of an ancient household that couldn’t even be found in the records anymore. This explained why ‘Academic’ was a core member of the Twilight Sages Assembly. It turned out that the other party was actually one of their own!

There was no doubt that Astrid Arde was bound to have many of the answers to the mysteries he had been pursuing thus far given that she was from the Arde House and a core member of the Twilight Sages Assembly. If he could, he would sprout wings and fly over right away.

No no no, I need to calm down.

He quickly snapped out of his excitement to reconsider his situation.

There was no problem with him heading to the northern wall of the Saint Freya Academy to meet up with ‘Guardian’ Antonio, but he was a little reluctant to leave just like that after the trouble he had gone through to pass off as the Holy Envoy.

It was likely that the Salvation Brotherhood chose not to make a move tonight because they were in the midst of converging their forces to launch a devastating assault. This meant that there was a high chance they would strike the following night.

If Roel were to leave at this juncture, the Saints Convocation would surely swiftly crumble after losing its pillar of support. By then, the Salvation Brotherhood would surely turn their full attention toward sieging the Saint Freya Academy.

It would be good if I could make one last move against the Salvation Brotherhood before taking my leave.

A smile slowly formed on Roel’s face.

The first thing Lilian felt when she woke up the following morning was a warmth on her right hand.

This is… Ah, it’s Roel. He’s still here.

She remembered what happened the previous night, and her face immediately reddened in embarrassment. That being said, she was still happy that Roel had stayed by her side throughout the entire night.

There wasn’t any need for Roel to continue holding onto her hand after she had fallen asleep, but he still did it anyway as if he was fulfilling a promise to her. This was completely unexpected to her, and in a way, it showed just how important Lilian was to Roel.

A warm fuzzy feeling welling up in her heart filled her with great motivation, and she felt like the world around her was glowing. This unprecedented experience bewildered her, but at the same time, it intoxicated her too.

“You’re awake? Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Lilian greeted Roel back with a gentle smile, but a sudden bout of self-awareness suddenly struck her, and she quickly covered her face.


“Don’t look?”


“I… need to tidy m

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