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Chapter 319.5: Whose Kiss? (2)

Roel was left completely stunned by the Witch Queen’s action.

As expected of an enigmatic witch, he was still unable to see through Artasia even at this point. Not even in his wildest imagination did he think that he would actually be ‘assaulted’ by her all of a sudden.

What is she up to?

Is this some kind of honey trap? There’s no need for her to do this in the first place… W-wait a moment! Why is it going in?!


Before Roel could sort out his thoughts, Artasia suddenly breached the defenses of his lips and invaded his private territory, causing his flustered mind to heat up. His face swiftly flushed red.

Despite Artasia frequently addressing him as ‘my hero’, she was no frail princess and Roel was no knight. There was no romance between the two of them, so Roel thought that it was nothing more than a malicious prank from her.

He remained on his guard, thinking that she might try to exploit this opportunity to cast some sort of spell on him, but unexpectedly, she actually dared to venture deeper in!

Feeling a little light-headed, Roel hurriedly shoved her aside. He was just about to berate her for her ridiculous prank when he realized that the person standing before him had changed.

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It was no longer the enigmatic white-haired witch who was standing before him. She had turned into a black-haired woman with flushed cheeks and hastened breaths. Her eyes glimmered in intoxication, as if she was in a trance.

Despite being shoved aside, she instinctively wanted to approach Roel and hug him, only to be abruptly jolted awake by his voice.



A shudder ran through Lilian’s body when she heard Roel’s voice. Her eyes widened as if she had just snapped out of her dreams. Realization of what she had just tried to do struck her, and she began to tremble.

“N-no, Roel, it’s not what you think it is. I…”

Realizing that the witch’s possession had come to an end, the panicked Lilian tried to explain herself but ended up stumbling over her words. To make things worse, Roel was unable to utter words of comprehension as the one who tried to hug him earlier seemed to be Lilian herself.

With that shrewd mind of yours, why don’t you guess who I am?

Roel suddenly recalled the witch’s earlier words and finally understood what her so-called game referred to. However, it only plunged his mind into greater chaos.

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Based on senior’s earlier movements, could she be the one who wanted to kiss me earlier? No, that’s not right. Senior’s kissing technique is immature, so it’s unlikely that she would do something as bold as going in. Does that mean that it’s really just Artasia’s prank? Is there a possibility that it’s both of them?

The overload of questions hurt Roel’s head, but before he could figure out an answer, he suddenly heard a series of intent

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