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The first thing he noticed was the alluring tea aroma wafting in the air. There was a cushiony sensation beneath him that was so comfortable that he couldn’t bear to leave its snugness.

When Roel finally opened his eyes once more, he found himself faced with a table full of delectable desserts, and a white-haired witch was seated opposite to him with a teapot in hand. What was different from before though was Artasia’s surprisingly mild attitude.

She didn’t conjure him into some weird position or tempt him into anything. She simply sat gracefully in front of him and welcomed him with a smile.

“It's a pleasure to have you here on this marvelous night, my hero.”

“Yes, thank you for having me here,” replied Roel.

He took a look at the night sky outside the window as he leisurely took a sip of tea.

This was their third meeting, and Roel appeared calmer than ever. Having gone through multiple crises, he knew that the tighter the situation was, the more composed he would have to be in order to overcome it.

His composed attitude intrigued the white-haired witch sitting opposite him. Artasia couldn’t help but remark curiously.

“What a surprise. I thought that you were going to lash out at me.”

“Hm? What makes you think so?”

“The spell that I bestowed upon you didn’t take effect when you needed it. Does that not anger you?”


Roel paused contemplatively for a moment before responding with a slight nod.

“I guess I am, but it’s directed toward myself.”

“Directed toward yourself? Why?” asked Artasia.

Roel placed the teacup back onto the table.

“You’re a witch, an embodiment of fickleness and enigma. In the first place, taking the spell you have bestowed upon me as a final resort was nothing short of foolishness, not to mention that that spell wasn’t a buff but a summon, which meant that it was possible to reject the summoning too. It’s your prerogative to choose whether to accept a summoning or not.”

Roel raised his head and looked at Artasia impassively.

“Ultimately, not once have you ever said that you were on my side.”

Those words made Artasia purse her lips as she revealed an aggrieved expression.

“My hero, are you viewing me as your enemy now?”

“No, I harbor no enmity toward you. I simply don’t trust you. I realized that I’ve been taking many things for granted thus far,” said Roel with a sigh as he recalled Priestley’s remarks.

He did think that the dangers posed by the Witness State were something that had to be taken seriously, but at the same time, his experience of overcoming two of them had bred complacency in the depths of his mind, subconsciously impairing his judgment.

That was also the arrogance Priestley spoke of.

He would encounter an ancient god in each Witness State, but there was never a guarantee that the ancient god would be on his side.

This was especially so with Witch Queen Artasia. He had known beforehand that witches were fic

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