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Chapter 307.5: The Sovereigns of a Race (2)

“What a rare army spell.”

Under the large dazzling tree, Priestley watched as the white sun slowly dissipated above him as he offered a rare compliment.

“It’s an amazing level of completion for a spell with a convoluted chant. I reckon only a behemoth like the Ancient Austine Empire would have the resources to build such a disciplined army of mages. What a pity it is that spells are ineffective against me.”

The Magician King murmured to himself leisurely, almost as if it was all a walk in the park for him. Unexpectedly, he received a reply to his remark.

“If spells won’t work, what about this?”

A pair of golden eyes glowed brightly amidst the dust and darkness.

A congregation of frost aura so dense that it felt corporeal gushed through the wall of dust and struck squarely on Priestley’s lanky body.

The latter clearly didn’t expect that an attack would actually be able to breach this sacred sanctuary. Before he could make any move, he had already been reduced to an ice sculpture.

The large dazzling tree towering at the center of the sanctuary swiftly sensed the unnatural condition of its master and began emanating its light once more.

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However, under Lilian’s army spell and Roel’s all-out onslaught with Glacier’s Touch, even this mystical tree that seemed to transcend human understanding started to fail. After several seconds of stand-off, it was finally frozen together with its master.

The spirits scattered, and the grassfield morphed into a glacier. It was only when everything had been frozen that Roel finally placed his hands down, panting rapidly.

Everything fell to silence.

Lilian quickly rushed to his side, and the two of them stared at the ice sculptures before them silently.

Despite the tense battle, everything had gone according to the countermeasures they had developed beforehand. There was no way they wouldn’t have made plans beforehand when they had already anticipated a possible encounter with Priestley.

Their strategy was to have Lilian feign an attack while Roel used the powers of the Crown’s Stone to push for a quick victory.

The frost aura from Glacier Creator could be easily dispersed with mana, but its effects were absolute as long as he could land a direct hit on the target. This was the only sure way they knew that could bring down an Origin Level 1 transcendent.

In the first place, it was unthinkable for them to triumph over a man known as the Magician King in a battle of magic spells, and reality had proven them right.

Even after their plan had come to fruition, Roel still didn’t let his guard down. He began to channel his mana once more to smash the ice sculpture so as to end Priestley once and for all, but a premonition suddenly struck his heart.

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He lowered his head to take a look, only to widen his eyes in shoc

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