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Roel was in a terrible condition right now.

It had only been six hours since he entered the Witness State, and he had already impersonated as the Holy Envoy to confront Bradley and led the zealots of the Saints Convocation on a counterattack against the Salvation Brotherhood.

Things did work out fine in the end, but he was pretty much treading on thin ice all this while. However, what was of greater concern was his exertion.

He was able to pull off this miracle thanks to him having encountered these monsters in a parallel dark academy he was teleported into via the Blackrose Ring. While trying to unlock the ‘Second Authority’ Margaret spoke of, he tried all kinds of things with his Crown Origin Attribute, one of them being an AOE suppression of those black-armored soldiers.

The results were unspectacular. He realized that all his Crown Origin Attribute did against those black-armored soldiers was to alleviate the headache created by those blasphemous whispers, but it proved to be unexpectedly crucial here.

All he really needed to do here was to create an environment where his ‘allies’ could fight in, and the Crown Origin Attribute did just that.

It was just that keeping the Crown Origin Attribute activated for hours on end while ensuring the range was enough to cover most of the evil cultists was no easy feat. He had exhausted himself greatly, and he urgently needed rest to recover.

【Evaluation: 39 (Low)】

Roel frowned upon seeing the evaluation of the System. He wasn’t too satisfied with the result.

To raise his evaluation by 37 points over the course of a night might look impressive, but Roel knew that increasing his points would get progressively harder the higher he advanced. Perhaps, these 37 points might not even be worth 5 points once he reached the 70s or the 80s.

Roel had two deductions regarding this.

One, the enemies he had defeated last night were mainly cannon fodder. He didn’t take down any notable figures, so the points he received ended up being on the lower side.

Two, he was working in the wrong direction. It was unlikely that he was transported into this Witness State in order to help the Saints Convocation turn the tides against the Salvation Brotherhood. Considering the trigger for this Witness State was the Blackrose Ring, which came from ‘Academic’, he ought to be looking for him in order to figure out his goal here.

Besides, all he really did so far was to provide immunity to the evil cultists, so that could be a reason for the lower points too.

Though honestly, Roel wasn’t too bothered by it now. He was more concerned about finding Lilian and saving her. What was the point of gathering more points and becoming stronger when he couldn’t even protect those whom he cared about?

Fortunately, he already had a plan in mind.

The disciples who had just been through the battle were now all gathered in a solemn hall. Many of them were caked in blood and dirt, and some

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