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Neither Lilian nor Roel had expected a bloodline resonance to occur, and the two of them were dumbstruck by this turn of events. They could feel a warm sensation flowing into their hearts, filling up their minds. The bloodline resonance was already starting to take effect even before they could process what was going on.

Similar to how a person’s emotions were affected by hormones to some extent, bloodline resonance created an inexplicable and irrepressible feeling of intimacy between two individuals.

This feeling of intimacy only lasted for a brief instant, but it was more than enough to change how Roel and Lilian perceived one another. It answered all of the doubts that Lilian had harbored over the past month.

So this is it.

Lilian’s amethyst eyes widened in realization as she finally understood what had come over her, be it her instinctive urge to help him with his problems or the worry she felt when he was exposed to danger.

Their bond of bloodlines had been unknowingly influencing her.

While there hadn’t been a bloodline resonance between them over the past month, something had been changing inside her every time they clashed mana with one another.

Looking back on it now, she realized that all of the clues had been there all along, just that she hadn’t been able to piece them together. In the first place, what were the odds of two creation transcendents possessing identical mana channeling methods?

The truth had only eluded her because she was blinded by the vast difference in their backgrounds.

This revelation came as a huge surprise to her—and it was a pleasant one.

The Ackermanns and the Ascarts had been estranged for at least a thousand years now, such that the two of them could practically be considered strangers to one another. It was a miracle how a bond of bloodlines could be formed between the two of them after such a long time.

Lilian thought that this was a gift from Sia.

A bond of bloodlines was a relationship that allowed no betrayal or hypocrisy, a link that could never be severed. Just thinking about it was enough to make Lilian’s mind heat up in excitement.

On the other hand, Roel found himself utterly confused.

Lilian is my bloodline kin? How is this possible? Putting all things aside, if this relationship were to come to the surface, she would be…

“Roel, w-we are…”


Roel looked at the agitated Lilian and was just about to say something when he suddenly felt his mana running amok. At the same time, the Blackrose Ring he carried in his pocket began shimmering, seemingly resonating with his mana.

“Get away from me!”


Having been through this situation twice before, Roel was able to immediately figure out what was going on. With a face warped in horror, he pushed Lilian away right before his mana gushed out with unstoppable momentum.

Before he could explain anything, his consciousness had already faded.


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