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Before the throne in the audience room, the beautiful white-haired witch held a flower wreath in her hands as she directed a radiant smile at the black-haired man before her.

“How is it? Would you like to give it a try?” she said enticingly.

Roel felt his desires surging upon hearing her voice. He stared at the flower wreath in Artasia’s hands in a trance, but his golden eyes suddenly glowed brightly. A moment later, he regained his rationality.

“There’s no need for that. Thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested,” he replied as his heart thumped in fright over how he had nearly fallen for her ploy.

Artasia first pouted in response to the rejection before sighing deeply.

“It took me a long time to gather these flowers. Don’t you think that a crown would look good on you?”

“… Crown is indeed my Origin Attribute, but it’s not my pursuit,” replied Roel.

He rose to his feet and took a step away from Artasia’s throne. He looked into her eyes and spoke resolutely.

“Artasia, don’t try to tempt me with such stuff anymore. I’m not interested in becoming king.”

“… Haa, I should have known.”

After a moment of silence, Artasia placed the flower wreath on her own head before leaning toward Roel. She came so close to him that it almost looked like she was going to kiss him, forcing him to retreat half a step.

“This is troubling. Is it because I’ve witnessed far too many rises and falls over the course of history? Much time has passed since Sia’s departure. The rest of us have all given up, but your people still remain steadfast in your responsibilities… Oh well, I kind of expected such an outcome anyway,” she said as she slowly straightened her posture.

It looked like she had given up the idea of tempting him with the allure of power for now. Roel looked at her contemplatively.

“Artasia, just what is your true goal?”

“My goal? I’ve already told you. I hope that you can have that woman become my host…”

“That isn’t the truth, right? Or at least not the complete one,” Roel interjected.

Artasia blinked her eyes at the conclusion he had come to. She tilted her head slightly and asked in intrigue.

“What makes you say so?”

“Witches are witches because they can’t be comprehended by conventional thinking. I initially thought that your goal is to be revived in the real world, but as I thought deeper into it, I found myself wondering if it was really possible for the goal of the Witch Queen to be somethingthatmundane.”

Roel’s words surprised Artasia. She was taken aback for a moment before the corners of her lips began creeping upward. Her eyes curled in pleasure, as if the doubts he was throwing her way amused her.

“Isn’t it too rash to come to a conclusion over mere rumors? Who says that a witch has to be scheming? It’s not good to hold onto stereotypes.”

“Stereotypes? You’re one to talk. You seem to believe that men like women who fawn on them. It’s quite obvious through your gest

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