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“Looks like time’s up.”

Lying in the midst of a field of flowers, Artasia spoke with a hint of sorrow and reluctance in her voice. Roel didn’t respond to her remark, choosing instead to patiently wait for her to continue.

“It was quite long for a first meeting though, and we even went out on a date together. I enjoyed it greatly.”

“Why did you ask me out on a date?”


“I doubt that you asked me to accompany you just because I have the ability to bring you out of here. Witches aren’t known for reciprocating favors.”

Roel’s golden eyes gleamed with composure and rationality, unfazed by the sentimentality of the situation.

The fragrance of the flowers wafted throughout the flower field. Under the warm sunlight, Artasia’s skin seemed to emanate a faint glow. She looked deeply into Roel’s eyes for a long while before her madder red eyes narrowed slightly.

“Of course not. How could there be such a person amongst witches?”

The adorable, mischievous look that Artasia had been maintaining all this while faded, and for the first time, she revealed a wide, enigmatic smile that looked fitting for someone dubbed as the ‘Witch Queen’.

“My reason for asking you out on a date is simple. You’re the only one qualified to stand by my side.”


The unexpected answer left Roel frowning doubtfully. Artasia laughed heartily at his response.

“Ah, there’s one more thing that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now.”


“Hehe, do you want to guess what it is?” asked Artasia mischievously.

She snapped her fingers without waiting for a response. By the time Roel understood what was going on, he was already sitting on the throne at the center of the flower field.


“What do you think? It’s quite a good view, isn’t it?”

Roel widened his eyes in astonishment, unable to comprehend the significance of this move. He suddenly heard a voice beside him and turned his head sideward, only to see Artasia standing by the throne.

“I’ve always been the one sitting up there, gazing down upon others from a lofty position. One day, I found myself wondering how others would feel about looking at the world from the same height as me. It’s just that this is not a sight I can easily share with others, but it’d be a different story with you. How is it? Do you like it?”


Faced with the expectant eyes of the smiling white-haired witch, Roel suddenly found himself at a loss for words. Once again, before he could answer, Artasia suddenly raised her finger and exclaimed in realization.

“Oh my, how could I have forgotten? There shouldn’t be anyone allowed to stand beside the throne.”

Artasia covered her face in embarrassment before vanishing in the next instant. When she reappeared once more, she was already standing at the foot of the pedestal.

“My position should be somewhere here… Yeap!”

She looked around excitedly before taking her position. Then, she turned to look at Roel and c

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