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Saints Convocation! Holy Envoy?

Roel couldn’t believe what he had just read. He turned around and looked at the corpses littered behind him.

They are all from the Saints Convocation? There should be no doubt that the Saints Convocation is an evil cult, but the ones who did this to them are evil cultists as well… Is this a falling-out?

Roel blinked his eyes in surprise. He didn’t expect the first group of victims he stumbled upon to actually be evil cultists.

He was deeply familiar with the name, ‘Saints Convocation’.

Back when he was on the Golden Fleet, he had come to blows with one of the Saints Convocation’s top brass, Douglas. He chased down the latter’s main body and killed off the young Origin Level 2 Puppetmaster.

Roel still couldn’t shake off his hatred even after shattering Douglas into thousands of ice fragments—how could he when the latter nearly took Charlotte’s life?—so he asked Nora about the Saints Convocation after returning from the Witness State. After some investigation, Nora told him that the Saints Convocation had stopped their activities in the Theocracy for many years now.

Roel breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that news, but that didn’t lessen his worry about the cult that worshiped the Mother Goddess. The Six Calamities did have the power to annihilate humankind, so he couldn’t afford to let down his guard at all.

He never thought that he would bump into the Saints Convocation here.

Not wanting to miss any information on the letter, he took his time to read it carefully. Once he was done, he lowered his head and began processing the information.

First and foremost, the letter allowed him to ascertain the era he was in—Year 612 of the Third Epoch, which was around four hundred years back from the present time. The location was the outskirts of the Capital of Academies, Leinster.

“This should be the era where humankind faced the Second Deviant War. I recall that Leinster faced some sort of turmoil during this period of time too…” murmured Roel as he tried his best to recall everything he knew about this era.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much information for him to work with.

The main crisis faced by humankind during this era was the Second Deviant War. Historians spared no efforts to praise the unyielding spirit of humankind in fending against the ferocious deviants in epic battles.

As someone well-versed in history, Roel could spend an entire day talking about the events that had transpired in the Second Deviant War.

In comparison, there were hardly any records about the turmoil in Leinster.

Even the Sofya Kingdom that was a powerhouse in its era was almost completely forgotten within eight hundred years. Considering how the unrest in Leinster was viewed to be of minor importance compared to the Second Deviant War, it wasn’t surprising that most of the details surrounding it were forgotten over the span of four hundred years.

All that was mentioned

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