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What are the ways to deal with a person?

The easiest one was to resort to physical violence, but it often resulted in significant repercussions. In cases where one was unable to resort to violence, waging psychological warfare could be a good alternative too.

There were many forms of psychological warfare, but the one Sartoni opted for was ‘standard of living’.

Unlike the Saints Convocation which pursued a more spiritual lifestyle, the Salvation Brotherhood believed in satisfying their material desires. In the midst of seeking greater power, they continuously ceded to their desires, resulting in the gradual erosion of their restraints. Slowly, they spiralled into what most would term as deranged obsession.

A decadent lifestyle that screwed all stifling morals and ethics—how enticing it was to those who lacked mental fortitude, especially youths who had yet to develop their moral compass?

Sartoni had long heard about how the Holy Envoys of the Saints Convocation were raised.

From a young age, they were constantly injected with a special fluid that emulated the bloodline of an ancient lineage. Those who displayed a higher degree of acceptance of the special fluid and were able to survive the ordeal would have a shot at becoming a Holy Envoy.

Holy Envoys were basically tools to activate the Saints Convocation’s trump cards—and to be more exact,single use tools. Needless to say, it was meaningless to devote resources into developing the abilities of a consumable, so Holy Envoys tended to not be very strong.

They lived an isolated life in the Saints Convocation’s headquarters, so they had severely limited understanding of the outside world.

He’s just a countryside bumpkin who knows nothing about life at all. I reckon that he hasn’t even touched a woman’s hand before.

Amidst the cheering of the crowd, Sartoni walked down the stairs and took his seat at the opposite end of the long table.

The moment he sat down, the music started playing once more, and the members of the Salvation Brotherhood resumed whatever they were doing earlier. A servant stepped forward and respectfully served him a glass of cocktail.

In contrast, there was no one to wait on Roel, and the area in front of him was completely empty. It was only when Sartoni finally ‘noticed’ this breach of etiquette that he berated the servants in an almost exaggerated manner.

“What are you all doing? How could you forget about the Holy Envoy? He still doesn’t have anything to drink yet!”

The inconsequential reprimand from Sartoni spurred mocking laughter from the other members of the Salvation Brotherhood. The servants simply perfunctorily placed a cup of wine before Roel, not showing the slightest remorse regarding their earlier breach of etiquette.

Roel shot a glance at the glass of wine that was spared to him as if he was asking for alms. He chuckled softly to himself before raising his gaze to look at the middle-aged man sitting at t

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