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Leinster is doomed.

This was the thought that had dominated Bradley Danis’ mind for days now.

At first glance, Bradley looked like an ordinary middle-aged man with his scrawny stature and grayish hair, but beneath his humble appearance lay the lofty leader and bishop of the Saints Convocation Leinster Branch.

It had been a week since the Salvation Brotherhood had started its uprising, and Bradley’s morale had been on a nosedive since then.

Ever since the breakout of war with the deviants, Leinster’s elites had been continuously dispatched to the frontline, resulting in a huge reduction in the number of teachers and clergymen in the city. At the same time, the number of students coming into Leinster had been falling sharply as well.

Its defenses were currently at an all-time low.

There was nothing in the world that was easier to manipulate than a frightened populace. Chaos provided the perfect fodder for evil cults to entice the weak-hearted so as to expand their organization.

Thanks to the conducive environment, the evil cults were able to grow rapidly in the shadows over the past ten years.

To be fair, it was not that the leaders of humankind hadn’t noticed the activities of the evil cults, but they chose to ignore it. They simply didn’t have the spare attention and manpower to deal with the evil cults when the frontlines of humankind’s borders were already on the brink of collapse.

This was the era of prosperity for the evil cults, but someone suddenly flipped the table on them.

The Salvation Brotherhood was an old organization tracing back to the Second Epoch. It had been operating in the Country of Scholars for centuries now though its size and influence paled in comparison to the massive Saints Convocation, but the past ten years of chaos had brought about its swift growth.

There were signs that the Salvation Brotherhood was starting to get out of control, such as the numerous conflicts it had with Saints Convocation in recent years. Nevertheless, Bradley didn’t think that they would actually go to the extent of starting an uprising!

This had indubitably crossed the line.

The leaders of humankind were only turning a blind eye to them because they knew that the evil cults wouldn’t really stage a coup d'état at a time like this. Everyone implicitly understood that it would be the end of them all once the deviants were to breach their defenses, so no one was dumb enough to sabotage each other at a time like this.

In fact, it was more beneficial for the evil cults to lie low and wait for their enemies to whittle down one another at this juncture.

The Saints Convocation believed in guiding human civilization to its end so as to return to the embrace of the Mother Goddess. However, the end they sought was at the hands of the Mother Goddess’ envoys, not those filthy deviants.

When the Salvation Brotherhood first started its attack on Leinster, many powers including Leinster’s garriso

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