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After three days of steadfast camping and fasting on the same spot, Roel finally managed to snag his prey. At the same time, in the forest near Fulte’s Stop, a black-haired woman opened her eyes at Paul’s reminder.

The Twin Stones was a unique magic mineral on the Sia Continent that existed in pairs. Whenever one of them was infused with mana, the other one would glow in resonation as well.

The little piece of stone in Paul’s hand was glowing crimson-red, seemingly reflecting the murderous intent boiling beneath Lilian’s calm exterior. She rose to her feet, and all of the members of the Special Ops Team quickly stood up and divided themselves into two teams.

“Let’s set off.”

Simple words, but they were much heavier than usual. The two teams began swiftly making their way toward their destination under the veil of the night.

At the same time, the cawing of crows began echoing inside the wine cellars. The bloodstained slaughterers raised their heads and looked at one another.

“Emergency! The bishop has sent news over!”

“Retreat as we’ve planned!”

The evil cultists immediately went into action, but little did they know that it was all too late.

Cries of agony weren’t something which the usually soft-hearted Roel liked, for it symbolized pain and suffering. It was usually a harbinger of bad things, but not today.

Listening to Marceus’ screeching howls, Roel felt the rage and frustration that had been bubbling inside him for three whole days finally being released. His smile grew brighter as the cries crescendoed.

The screams of the sinner aren’t pleasant, but they are at least pacifying, Roel thought.

Meanwhile, the pale-faced Marceus finally backed into a wall and hollered.

“That student over there, what are you doing? It’s against the academy’s laws to attack a member of the teaching staff!”

He was trying his best to buy as much time as possible for him to recover.

Roel’s presence here was more than enough for him to figure out the truth. The Bluerose Ringbearer, whom he had looked down on all this while, had seen Melty’s letter and conducted a secret investigation. They even prepared elaborate diversions to mislead him and make him lower his guard.

It’s all been exposed. We need to retreat right away!

Marceus was utterly panicked at the moment, but he made sure to maintain an innocent look on his face as he secretly channeled his mana in preparation for making a comeback. All that was needed now was for Roel to let his guard down.

He had seen the projection of Roel’s fight in ‘Night of the Demons’, so he knew that he would at least have to incapacitate Roel before he would stand a chance at escaping. That was also the reason why he didn’t recklessly charge out of the house right away.

Right outside of the dormitory was a forest with hardly any natural obstacles like mountains or rivers. Once they got to open land, Roel would be able to unleash the full prowess of h

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