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Holding onto the box containing the Saints Convocation’s holy artifact, Roel froze in place upon seeing a series of System notifications popping up.


【The System has detected a mutated Crown’s Stone.】

【Initializing ‘Reconstruction of Bloodline’…】

Roel never thought that the Saints Convocation’s holy artifact would actually be a Crown’s Stone! This made him feel deeply excited.

He wasn’t in a good position at the moment—his physical condition was less than satisfactory, communication with Grandar and Peytra was impossible in the Witness State, Lilian’s location was still unknown at the moment, and Artasia didn’t appear to be a trustworthy ally.

He was currently in dire need of power, and he knew very well that the Crown’s Stone could grant him what he needed.

So far, other than the aid offered by the ancient gods, the greatest power he possessed was ‘Glacier’s Touch’, which was derived from a Crown’s Stone. It was thanks to it that he was able to overcome multiple trials along the way.

So, he carefully opened the container and took a look inside.

There was a transparent gemstone sealed by a lock with mysterious inscriptions on it. At the very center of the transparent gemstone was a bundle of pale yellow aura that seemed to form the blurred humanoid silhouette.

The moment Roel saw the pale yellow aura, a name he had once heard from Isabella instinctively appeared in his head.

Tempest Caller, one of the Six Calamities.

This was the name that the treants called the frightening existence that was responsible for the extinction of many ancient races.

Kayde had once mentioned the Tempest Caller in one of their casual conversations, describing it to be an enigmatic being that was impossible to comprehend or communicate with. It often lurked silently in the world, only to be seen as a blurred silhouette in one’s final moments.

This is the holy artifact?

Staring at the egg from Tempest Caller in the container, Roel finally understood why the Salvation Brotherhood had proposed a ceasefire at this juncture. At the same time, he couldn’t help but think of the executives of the Saints Convocation as a bunch of lunatics.

It was fortunate that Sartoni had killed the original Holy Envoy, or else the entire city of Leinster could very well be wiped off the map by the rampaging Tempest Caller.

Evil cults are indeed evil cults. They might be allies in the face of a common enemy, but their extremist ideals would only result in a tragedy for those around them.

Roel pondered for a moment, but he decided not to absorb the egg right away. He still needed it to intimidate the Salvation Brotherhood, and absorbing it might compromise his leverage over them. On top of that, he still remembered how close he had come to death when he absorbed the egg of the Glacier Creator, so he was wary about doing it once more.

However, he did notice something peculiar.

The egg of the Tempest Caller wa

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