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So this is the living hell mentioned in the game.

Roel’s heart felt grew heavy as he recalled the description used for the wine cellar inEyes of the Chronicler. It explained the bizarre situation in Louise Manor, be it the crying members of the Enforcement Division or all the retching going on.

Most likely, they had all been to the wine cellar and saw what was there.

The disgust toward the vile deeds committed by the evil cultists, the sympathy they felt toward their seniors who had fallen prey to the evildoers, and many other feelings swirled in their minds, leaving them distraught.

Roel clenched his fists tightly as he further affirmed his will to not let those evil cultists get away scot-free. He headed toward Paul’s side and patted his back so as to alleviate his discomfort. Paul continued to heave every now and then, but he still managed to report the chain of events properly.

After Roel activated the Twin Stones, the group camping in the forest near Fulte’s Stop immediately sprung into action. They divided themselves into two teams and assaulted the two possible hideouts simultaneously.

The team which Paul and the others were in was dispatched to Louise Manor. Right after they entered the manor, they bumped into the members of the Bloodtribute Cult, who were in the midst of making their escape.

Roel’s wariness paid off. The Bloodtribute Cult did have long-range communication devices that allowed them to tip one another off right away if something happened. It was fortunate that they had planned everything out carefully, or else some of the evil cultists would have surely gotten away.

With the two parties stumbling upon one another, a fight was bound to ensue.

Remembering Roel’s command, Paul and Geralt took the initiative to engage the evil cultists, launching a powerful spell right from the start to commence the battle.

But unlike usual transcendent battles, which focused on ending the fight as soon as possible, the members of the Special Ops Team turned out to be far more disciplined. Instead of engaging the enemies in close quarters, they chose to suppress them with arrows and spells, giving the enemies no room to breathe at all.

At the same time, they set off flares to inform the comrades that had headed to the other location that the enemy was here so as to converge their forces and stomp down the enemy with an overwhelming advantage.

This strategy worked out amazingly.

Over the course of the battle, the evil cultists of the Bloodtribute Cult cast spells that transformed some of their comrades into powerful meat giants that posed a huge threat to the raid team. Nevertheless, through their relentless suppression tactics and numerical advantage, they managed to hold on until Lilian’s team arrived.

Everything after that was a breeze.

Under Lilian’s lead, the raid team was able to take down the enemies with ease. There were 28 evil cultists in total, and the raid team killed all

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