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Roel’s mind blanked out.

He had said those words with the intention of quelling Lilian’s anger, but the effects ended up far surpassing his expectations.

Lilian’s kiss was clumsy, a sign of her inexperience. Her action was clearly driven by sheer instinct. Yet, the moment their lips touched, a mysterious sensation began rippling through Roel’s body.

A feeling of deep passion seared his mind, invoking a strong urge for greater intimacy with the woman before him. He wasn’t the only one who was affected by this impulse as Lilian was indubitably moving on a whim too.

The kiss lasted for a while before a surge of rationality suddenly brought Roel back to his senses. He quickly grabbed Lilian’s shoulders and pushed her away.

“Huu, huu, senior! You need to wake up!”

“Roel, Roel…”

“Calm down, senior. We’re still in the carriage!”


Roel’s reminder slowly brought clarity back into Lilian’s amethyst eyes. She was still overwhelmed by everything that had just happened before her cheeks started to glow bright red.

“N-no, this is not… I-I was…”

“I understand, senior. Calm down!”

Roel pulled Lilian into his embrace and stroked her back to calm her down. His warm touch helped Lilian to regain her composure. In this narrow space, the two of them maintained the same position for a while as their hastened breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Senior, are you feeling better now?”

“Mm… I apologize for what happened earlier. I got too overwhelmed by…”

“Don’t worry about it. This is the first time we’re encountering something like this after all,” Roel quickly consoled her before she could finish her words.

Of course, Roel wouldn’t be so vile as to feign innocence after receiving a kiss from Lilian. He had to admit that Lilian’s kissing was a little immature though, reminiscent of the peck of a little chick. It even felt slightly itchy.

Wait a moment, does this mean that it was her first…

“S-senior, have you ever kissed anyone else before?”


Perhaps it was due to the influence of his previous life, he couldn’t help but think that a person’s first kiss was a particularly significant event, and it compelled him to ask about it.

Lilian’s body stiffened up upon hearing those words. There was a moment of silence before she finally awkwardly shook her head.

I knew it.

“Was it uncomfortable? … Did you hate it?”

“No, of course not!”

Roel refuted it firmly.

To be honest, he wasn’t able to make sense of how he felt about this either. It just felt… unreal. He had been feeling so ever since he found out that Lilian was his bloodline kin, and the feeling got even more intense after the earlier kiss.

It might have just been a light peck, but it was definitely an unprecedented show of intimacy for someone as cold as Lilian. All of her suitors in the Austine Empire would go into a fit of envy if they ever learned about this.

“While I have heard of cases where

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