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There were no violent objections from the other members of the Saints Convocation to Lilian’s sudden arrival. Those zealots believed that he was the Holy Envoy, which led to them having almost unconditional trust in him. As long as Roel was alright with it, it would be alright with them too.

On top of that, unlike Roel, Lilian was respected right from the moment of her arrival. Part of the reason was because the disciples weren’t certain of the relationship between her and their Holy Envoy, and the other part was due to the overwhelming strength Lilian had displayed.

They would have to be a fool to turn away an Origin Level 3 transcendent at a critical juncture like this, not to mention that Lilian was no ordinary Origin Level 3 transcendent.

Last night, in order to find Roel, Lilian and her armies had devastated the backlines of the Salvation Brotherhood, greatly relieving the pressure on the Saints Convocation’s side. Needless to say, that was an amazing accomplishment.

After careful consideration, Roel and Lilian decided to portray themselves as lovers instead of siblings. While the two of them were good-looking, they had vastly different vibes to one another—Roel felt more gentle whereas Lilian was an ice beauty. Besides, their eye colors were completely different too.

At the same time, claiming that Lilian was his lover would also explain her lack of understanding about the Saints Convocation, thus making it less suspicious if she were to do anything that looked out of place.

Fortunately, the Saints Convocation was rather liberal when it came to its disciples’ marriages. It wasn’t as lawless as the Salvation Brotherhood, but having a lover wasn’t an issue at all. After all, this was also one way of bringing in new disciples.

Due to Lilian’s lofty disposition and her powerful strength that completely didn’t correspond to her age, rumors swiftly began spreading amongst the disciples that she was actually the daughter of some high noble who had chosen to elope with Roel. For that reason, no one dared to ask her about her family name.

This spared them quite a bit of trouble, though it was interesting to note how the truth could sometimes be more unbelievable than fantasies. Lilian’s identity was definitely not just at the level of ‘a daughter of some high noble’.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel turned to look at Lilian, and the latter looked back at him with her head tilted questioningly. Her adorable reaction and gentleness in her eyes made Roel’s heart skip a beat.

“Senior, you look good in a gown.”

“I-is that so? I’ll wear it more often if you like it.”

To conceal his embarrassment, Roel forcefully slipped a compliment in, but Lilian was surprisingly happy with it. The atmosphere between the two of them grew more harmonious, to the point where it felt like they had really become a real couple.

With even the two of them feeling this way, there was no way outsiders would be any wiser.


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