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In the wine cellar, the sudden voice snapped Lilian out of her daze. Before she knew it, Roel was already standing right beside her.

Roel wasn’t as clean and pristine as he usually was—his clothes were stained with blood and dirt from the battle he had just been through. However, there was a steadfast expression on his face. His golden eyes flickered with the torches in the dark wine cellar, giving it a touch of gentleness and tranquility.

Somehow, the blood-red hell she was in seemed to disappear when she looked into his eyes. She found herself forgetting her anger and sorrow. A feeling of intimacy warmed her heart like a ray of sunlight, snapping her out of her daze.

But it was also precisely due to this change in her state of mind that Lilian suddenly found herself consumed by intolerable shame. As a senior who had been taking care of Roel all along, she didn’t want to show such an unsightly side of her to him.

“Don’t look at me! Get out!” she ordered with a hoarse voice.

It was the first time Lilian had used such a forceful tone to speak to Roel. Yet, it sounded so vulnerable at the same time, almost as if she was pleading with him. Unfortunately, Roel had no intention of doing as she wished.

“My apologies, but we’re equals. You don’t have the right to order me around.”

“You!! Let go of me!”

Lilian pulled her arm out of Roel’s grasp.

Roel had never seen such a weak side to Lilian before, and it sent pangs of guilt through his heart. He didn’t regret approaching her for this raid since her help was necessary in vanquishing the evil cultists, but it was never his intent to leave her with such a deep trauma.

I didn’t think that it would be so serious. She even tried to touch the corpse earlier… She must have been thinking about the past.

Knowing that he had to do something here, Roel took a deep breath to calm himself down before talking about what happened on his side, hoping that it would distract and calm her down.

“Senior, Miss Melty is safe now. I’ve killed the bishop of the Bloodtribute Cult.”


It was partially successful. His calm voice seemed to have alleviated her trembling a little, so he decided to try a bit harder.

“The clean up is nearly done. We’ll be reporting this incident to the academy tomorrow morning, and it’ll all be over. Senior, can we leave this place now? Everyone is worried about you.”


Roel’s gentle persuasion slowly pulled her out from her agony, but the corpse of her innocent senior hanging beside her seemed to be reproaching her for her ignorance and powerlessness. The guilt in her heart made her instinctively turn over to look at her senior’s corpse once more, but Roel immediately stepped over to block her view.

Having to watch the tortured corpse of an acquaintance was nothing short of a nightmare, and what made things worse was the fact that Lilian was the chief of the Enforcement Division. The combination of these two factors

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