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Chapter 1714 - Harvesting Tyrant

"It is not easy to kill me, Human; I am Tyrant, not some puny Emperor!" It declared loudly, and the runes on its body behind shine brighter as it tried to move, but no matter what it does, my roses and strings would not let it move even an inch.

Suddenly, a resolute expression appeared on its face, and the next moment a powerful aura shot out from its body. This aura is so powerful that it was able to move its body slowly.

It had started to burn its core, and seeing that, I did not get alarmed; instead, I am happy as this is the moment I had been waiting for.

The second its started to burn its core, hundreds of fine strings separated from its heart and merged, forming a sharp spike and seeing the spike, even Grimm Monsters eyes widened in shock, and before it could do anything, the very sharp spike moved toward its c.h.e.s.t.


The spike pierced through its heart with some difficulty, and as it did, it again separated into hundreds of fine strings which immediately covered its core which it had started burning.

The moment they covered the burning core, the explosive growth of the strings have begun, not only outside of Crockman but also its inside.

The strings begin to grow madly. Within ten seconds, 75% of it got covered in the strings, and five seconds later, its whole body covered in strings that now looked like a huge ragged doll without any expression.

I could feel the aura of Crockman flaring up, but that just made the strigs grow faster. They begin to form layer over a layer of strings; for the Emperor, a single layer of strings is enough, but it is Emperor I am dealing with, and I do not want to take any chances.

As the strings growing outside, they are also growing inside. They are filling every inch of the Crockman, and they are growing faster with time as the crockman is burning its core faster and faster.

It is quite a smart move; it needs great power to break free of the shackles my strings have created. Regretfully, my strings are extremely good; they are s.u.c.k.i.n.g nearly all power coming out its core, barely leaving anything for its body.

A few seconds later, it seemed to understand the futility of its action and accepted it is going to die like that moment; its core begins to burn like blazing sun instead of a forest fire. It had begun the self-detonation process.

"F.u.c.k!" I couldn't help but curse seeing it. I know it would be doing it, seeing its condition becoming more and desperate, but I thought it would wait for few more seconds but apparently not. If I do not want to get vaporized under a powerful energy explosion, I need to work fast.

Its core became volatile, and a huge amount of power begin to release from its core; even the layers and layers of strings around its core were able to absorb all the energy.

Still, they suck as much energy as possible and spread to the strings, which begin to grow even at e

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