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Chapter 1702 - Run III

Its ax had missed me by an inch; it is a good thing the suppression wave had frizzed away all that energy frizzled away; otherwise, it would have given me huge injury, might have cleaved me into two.

The wave has enveloped us completely, and Grimm Monsters still could fly. Even in the suppression wave, its speed only lessened by about 30, which seemed quite low seeing how powerful the suppression wave is, but that's Tyrant for you.

Still, it is more than enough for me; this time, I did not hold back on the blood and burned it as much as I could.

This suppression wave is my only chance to create a distance between Crockman and me, and not to mention, I have only one and half minutes before this nullifying cover one me disappeared.

With that in mind, I burned and ran; I could have had flow up the air, but with speed, we are moving. We would cross the Supression wave within five seconds before the Grimm Monsters gets power back and in the air, it would able to catch me easily.

Dark red aura covering me, I moved through the forest. With the help of the suppression wave, I am leaving it far behind, and by the time of the third second, I could not even see it, but I could definitely feel the shakes behind me as it crushed through the trees.

Soon six seconds have passed, and I moved out of the suppression wave, and one and half-second later, I heard a loud roared behind me, which I am guessing is a roar of freedom from Grimm Monster as it tore through the suppression wave.

Loud sounds of tree crushing came from behind me, and sixteen later, I saw the silhouette of Crockman behind me as it crushed through the trees as it chased after me.

"Bastard, just you wait, once I caught you, I will torture you so much that every moment you will beg for death," It shouted behind me; it once again came back to the 'Torture' phase, but I am sure if it got chance, it would not hesitate to kill me.

Few more seconds have passed, and I could see the silhouette of the sunlight dome, and it is much, much better than the glimpse of it I had caught from Ashlyn's eyes.

The dome is not much taller than even trees are drawn by their height, but it is kilometers wide and looked like it is made of golden sunlight, and I am very close to it; it would not take me more than thirty seconds to reach it.

I moved through the forest fast, red blood zigzagging through the huge trees while the Crockman is a dark boulder that is chasing me, crushing everything that came in its way.

And now we have reached so close to the Sunlit Dome, the trees have grown very strong that Crockman had to spend quite an efforts to crush them, which is slowing it down further, not to forget the suppression is getting stronger, which also weakening it.

"Human bastard, it would be a great shame of this Ro if I did not catch you," It roared from the abode and came crashing toward me.

Now that we are so close to the s

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