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Chapter 1697 - Honeycomb I

A minute passed by, and the formation is created; the runes of formation are glittering power.

Though they are glittering with power, they have not reacted; they will react when all the runes are formed before the strengthening energy released from the body, that is the optimal time.

The runes are forming rapidly as they consume the sunlight and herbal essence. With the increasing speed that runes are forming, it won't be long before the whole runic structure is formed.

Ten minutes passed, and the runic structure is seconds away from completion. The essences and sunlight had slowed down to a trickle as there are barely a few hundreds of runes remained to form.

Runes formed rapidly even if a trickle of energy was supplied to them, and nine seconds later, the complete runic structure had formed.

The moment that happened, the change I had been waiting for had started. The special formation I had created separated from the runic structure and came out.


As it came out, it buzzed and lighted up, and the next second changed into something different. The runic formation has disappeared, and in its place, a humanoid has appeared, which seemed like it is made of honeycomb.

The name of the special formation is 'Honeycomb.' Not only it had a look, but it will function the same way as it.

As the humanoid honeycomb appeared, it started growing rapidly. Tens of thousands of hexagonal cells begin to appear every second till the honeycomb reached my dimension.

As it gained my side, the runes begin to materialize over it, densely on every hexagonal cube. The shiny runes looked mesmerizing, and I could only enjoy them for a moment before an inhuman pain shot through me.


A torturous shriek tore through my mouth as soul tearing pain shot through me. It is soul tearing pain as really tearing my soul is getting torn apart.

The million hexagonal cells of the honeycomb are attacking my soul and taking a small part of it and forming a shell of honeycomb. The same thing happening in my body.

Millions of honeycomb cells are doing it simultaneously, forming a connection with my body and soul; it is an extremly painful process.

If my body and soul bear it, I will have a chance to become one of the most powerful Emperor in the history of the world, could even become the most powerful Emperor to walk on this world.

I have to be successful as failure would turn me into a puddle; failure means death in this process.


Earlier, I had only used 15% of the special resources I had brough; the rest, 85%, were kept for this process.

These resources are very special; I had spent hundreds of Emperor Grade Essense roses on buying them, and now, they are coming inside me, helping me to consolidate the honeycomb inside me.

A similar type of process happened during the Tyrant level up, but instead of being extremly painful, there is barel

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