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Chapter 1685 - Healing II


The seven plates around the crater had activated; from inside, there was no change which is not surprising as they change things from outside. I had performed some tests on them before, and these plates worked fine.

Now that the plates have been set up, it is time to focus on the main task, Constance Mars.

Her condition is worse than I had thought, the poison had spread through her whole body, and it had already started infecting her soul energy. In the whole world, there are not more than fifty people who held the capability of healing her.

Teacher is one of them, and she is one of the best despite her young age; she may look old but compare to some Tyrants who live for hundreds of years, she is still young.

Her condition is very serious, and I don't have any confidence in healing her. Tyrants are hard to heal, and only Tyrants have the power to heal the Tyrants.

So, I will try to stabilize her condition, that she would become able enough to get out of the forest and seek the help she needs.

"F.u.c.k, this poison is strong," I cursed out loud when I reached closer to her, there is a distance of five meters between us, but I could feel the power of poison mist. If there had been any other Emperor on my place, he would have turned to goo.

I had seen the teacher healing the Tyrants, and this poison's level of one of the worst patients Ive seen teacher healed.

"Miss Mars, can you hear me? Miss Mars?" I said loudly as I walked toward her; I don't want to startle her and get attacked. Even the weakened state, a simple attack from the Elite Tyrant such as her could spell my doom.

The inner defenses' unconscious patience is a pain in the a.s.s to deal with.

I did not receive any response to my call, not even a twitch. She laid there like a dead body; I would have thought of her if not for the poison is still burning her blazingly.

Soon, I reached beside her, bathed in the poisonous mist that is burning her. If not for my strong immunity to the special energies of Grimm Monsters and Armor, I would have turned to goo in a moment.

I looked at her carefully and saw tense of wounds around her body, waist half cut off, and her blood had turned green with poison; her condition is worse than I had throught, and if I tried healing her, there are high chances that this poison would attack me and I would not be able to defend against it.

But there is no backing down, I had decided to heal her, and I will not stop unless I try.


As I looked around her, I saw a couple of potion bottles, and I was able to identify them.

Some of the potions she drank were quite rare and precious that if she had been attacked by a common Tyrant Poison Master, those potions would have helped her, but unfortunately, the poison inside her too strong to be healed by those potions, and it is getting more powerful as it consumes her.

"Miss Mars, I am now going t

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