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Chapter 1711 - Fighting Tyrant I

"So, it is really true, Human Emperors do receive huge advancements in inside the Sun Dome," It said while its eyes flashing red with jealously.

"You have no idea," I said back, making its jealous eyes glower at me even more.

"You have become too much of a threat human, I will kill you even if I have to burn every drop of blood in my body to do it." It said, and a powerful aura blasted out of its body.

"Heaikons Rage!"

It shouted and came at me with the powerful bone ax with its hand; I had the first-hand experience of how powerful this weapon it is when it clashed against the protective shield of the talisman, not to forget I am dealing with Tyrant here, a slight underestimation could cost me my life.

'First Boost'

I shouted inside me and moved toward the Crockman; there is no way to fight this battle passively. I want to pay the bastard back for what it did to me by killing it.

I moved with blurring speed that matched its, which seemed to surprise it but did not stop it from increasing its speed further and powering its ax even more than it began to vibrate with power.


Our weapons clashed, and a huge amount of energy came at me; it came like an overbearing tsunami that would drown the cities in an instant.

I couldn't help but feel shocked by such a huge amount of powerful energy. The energy had not surprised me; what surprised me is the volume and power it was able to release in such intense suppression.

We are fighting in the most suppressed part of the Devil Forest, Emperors would turn to paste under such supression, and Tyrants like itself had to spend a huge amount of effort in flying, but still, it was able to attack with such a huge amount of energy, and it is just the beginning.

It looked shocked; I don't whether it is shocked by me attacking it with the powerful energy or me taking its attack without problem, but it is shocking, and if not for me appearing in front of the heart and attacking it, it wouldn't have come to itself this early.


It moved its bone ax fast and countered my attack, but the next moment, I launched another one and then another.

I kept attacking one attack after another, attacking from all sides, not giving a second to counterattack. My attacks are extremely fast, and each and every one of them targets its weakness; if a single one of them landed, this bastard would be a goner.

Regretfully, it is Tyrant I am dealing with; not only do they have immense fighting experience but also huge strength that even with such rise, I don't know whether I would be able to defeat it or not.

"Enough, you bastard!" It roared, and an even more powerful aura flared from its body. This aura is thick and powerful, and I did not dare to underestimate it.

'Second Boost!' I activated it immediately and moved my sword to defend against the huge bone coming at me.


Our weap

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