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Chapter 1687 - Healing IV

"Finally finished," I said myself as I vaporized the sweat that appeared on my forehead.

I had filled Miss Constance's body with strings; there are thousands and thousands of strings reaching every part of her. I had never created so many strings inside someone.

Even when I harvest Grimm Monsters, they have seven to eight times fewer strings inside them than miss Constance.

I am giving my all healing her; if I could further increase the string in her, I would, but unfortunately, it is my limit which I hope would be enough to deal with poison to stabilize her condition.

Now that I had spread the strings throughout her whole body, it is time to begin the real work I called 'Fishing.'

I am going to release a very tiny bit of healing through my strings which would attract the poison. Not all of it, which is why I had released only a small amount of energy; if I wanted to attract all of it, I would blast my strings with healing energy.

I don't think my strings, even with runes, would able to handle the full power of poison; they will crush under it.

My plan of stabilizing her condition is simple, release a small amount of healing energy at the bait, and when a large amount of poison attacks, extract it and store it into the formation on top of the coffin.

The plan may seem simple, but it is extremely dangerous, the strings of coffin connected to my hands, and I have to be extremely careful not to let it come inside me.

After taking a deep breath, I released a tiny amount of healing energy through my strings, and what happened next is completely blown my mind.


I felt like I had heard the roar from the poison as every bit of poison present in Miss Constance came at my strings roaringly. The poison left what it was doing and came at my strings with a vengeance.

My heart skipped a beat seeing that; I could not believe this is happening. I had intentionally released a very tiny amount of healing energy, but it seemed like it did not matter once the poison seed healed energy; even in a tiny amount, it will go for it.

The huge amount of poison crashed against my vines, and the next second, I started to bleed from my eyes, nose, and ears; the pressure of the poison was too great.

"Let Go!" I heard a raspy voice said. Miss Constance could clearly see what is happening in her body and could tell how much trouble I am and wanted me to let go to save myself.

There is no way in hell I am going to let go; this moment is no worse than life and death battle, and I fight life and death battles; I did not run away from them, as long as I have the tiniest chance of winning.

It was a great time to test the resiliency of my strings; they had consumed many powerful bloodlines and gone through my many upgrades; let's see how they fare against this terrifying poison.

With a crazy bloody smile on my face, I activated the runes. Let the poison came at me

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