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Chapter 1701 - Run II

Bang Bang Bang

I ran and ran, but no matter how much faster I ran, it is catching up to me. If its not for the trees and the ever-increasing suppression, it would have caught me already.

My speed is very fast; even with trees around me, I am running at speed I had never run before; hell, I ran faster than I had flown before, but even at this speed, I barely able to contend against the suppressed Grimm Monster who is chasing me.

Still, there is some tiny hope of survival; I just need to get closer and close to the sunlit dome.

At every step, the supression grew, which lessen the power of Tyrant, and I just have to reach close to the Sunlit dome.

When enough of Crockmans power is suppressed, it won't be able to catch me, and I have to do all that within seven, sorry five minutes, as two minutes have already passed since the run had begun.

Bang Bang Bang

The Crockman followed me like a tiger chasing the hare and in this chase. It did not bother to go around the tree. It had covered itself with energy and crashed through whatever obstacle that it might find in its way.

Be it tree or boulder, it crashed through them. Even will null supression, I could not do something like that; trees here would stop me dead on their tracks. One needs to have Tyrant's strength if they want to do something like it.

"I had enough human, I had given you many chances, and if you are not accepting the mercy I am offering, then you deserve death," It said and finally took out the box ax from its back.

Seeing that, my expressions couldn't help but change. In the past two and half a minute, it had just chased me and never attacked. It wanted to capture me alive, but now, it had no such intentions.

"Whirlwind Arcs!"

The Crockman shouted and spun midair with its ax; as it finished its spin, hundreds of energy arcs appeared around before they came at me.

"F.u.c.k!" I couldn't help but curse out loud and jumped to dodge the arc. It barely took a moment for the first arc to reach me and over hundreds of them just behind it.

My soul sense is covering all the arcs, and as they came at me, I jumped around. My Everwings, which are invisible, are being very helpful in dodging these attacks, a single flap of them enough to dodge any attack at very high speed.

It is quite regretful that I could only take a flap jump at an only shot distance. If the distance they cover had been bigger, I would have been able to run at a much faster speed.

One by one, I dodged all the arcs that Crockman attacked me with; while I am fine, the trees around me are razed, hundreds of them have been cut cleanly by the arcs of Grimm Monsters.

"Die, you bastard!" The Crockman shouted right after I finished dodging its arcs, and it immediately covered the hundred-meter distance between us and swing its darkly glowing bone ax at me.

A horror couldn't help but dawn on my face and flapped the invisibl

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