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Chapter 1723 - Might Of Lightning

Little more than an hour had passed since we begin fighting, and in that time, the lightning Werewolf had made quite progress in its Sentiant Projection.

The blue lightning snake of it has become further refined, and the rigidity it used to possess had lessened a lot. It had been few minutes since it had stopped progressing, but the progress it had made is astonishing.

If it left alive from the battle and able to further consolidate the gain of its sudden inspiration, it would make huge progress in it.

While its Sentian Projection of energy lot pronounced, it is still not a threat to me. My armor still tearing it apart when it touched it before my runes s.u.c.k.e.d it all. When I was making this upgrade, I have made sure to create a defense against the Sentient Projections.

Not to forget, I had seen its Sentinat Projection developed and understood all of its tricks, so even if its Sentiant Projection ten times stronger, I would still have the ability to deal with it.

Its sudden inspiration had helped me a lot, and when I finished with a battle, I would start on the sentient projections; I am sure I will be able to make greater progress than it, with the help of my Inheritance.

I would have liked to start now, but I could not; even though Werewolf's sentient projection is not great, it had still worked hard to create and had a base for it. I had not even started at; my genius is not great enough that I could replicate things just by watching them.

"I have to say, little wolf, you might be below average in defense but quite good at defending," I mocked the Lightning Werewolf as it again blocked my attack, which was going for its weakness.

My words are not true, of course. If one counts our strength, I am weaker than it in pure strength, but I am more skilled and have great Analysing ability, not to forget the defense of my armor which help me nullify everything that came at it.

All these factors not only helped me perfectly survive the battle with lot stronger opponents but also help gain an edge over them which got them killed.

"Shut up, you bastard!" It shouted tried to attack me in a fury, but I did not give it a chance and attacked again, forcing it to defend.

This bastard is quite smart; even after so much mocking and my edge over the battle, it did not reveal its most powerful move, which I know it is hiding. It is very different from the Crockman, who just wanted to kill me as soon as possible and did not hesitate to one powerful move after another.

As I observe it, it is also observing me; not to forget using the natural rage of Grimm Race to dig out the potential of its method.

It is how smart Grimm Monsters fight; they are very rare. In over hundreds of Emperors I had killed, there is only a select few who could fight such away.

"Blue Thunder Tribulation!"

Few more minutes passed by, and when aura rose like never before, whic

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