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Chapter 1679 - Expanded Limit

I appeared beside it and found it in quite a strange position; it lay sprawled across the ground below the huge tree, which had a big dent on the size of the Grimm Monster.

Its limbs are in an unnatural position, and the place on its waist I had hit had been crushed to pieces, and yellow Blood could be seen leaking out of it.

Its mouth is also crushed; it seemed like it hit the tree through its mouth and paid the price.

While its mouth has become useless till it heals, its eyes seemed quite fine; fine enough that they are looking at me like they want to tear me apart limb by limb; if it had the strength to do that, it would have surely done that.

Puch Puch Puch

I looked at it for a few seconds before ten-time strings released from the fingertips of my right hand and pierce through its hard chitin cover without any problem before it started growing inside.

The Essence Rose I will get from it would not be much powerful, seeing it had used most of its Blood and soul to cast that Blood Magic, but it is not that I am after; I am after that powerful roaring bloodline of it.

The Bloodline of it had gone through huge advancements with the help of Bloodline Furnace Potion. The Bloodline Essence I will get from it will be very thick and powerful; I can't wait to have it.

A few seconds later, hundreds of strings came out of it and started to cover it, and soon its whole body got covered in the green strings that no body part of its is visible.

I did not immediately begin the harvesting process; instead, I looked inside me. The state of my runes seemed fine, but I want to check everything before I begin the harvesting process.


I cursed out loud, seeing the state of my runes; nothing bad seemed to have happened to them, but they have changed so much.

My runes have become smaller, much smaller, and it could be said that they have been reduced to their third of the size; not only that, they are shiny and with a red sparkle in them.

It looked like they have been polished by the expert craftsman; seeing them, I am reminding of the diamond necklace that the teacher has; it had been a gift to the teacher from the three-hundred-year-old Tyrant for healing him.

The diamond necklace is special; that diamond necklace is not only powerful magically, but the craftsmanship that is put into it is amazing, especially in those Tymdor Diamonds, which are extremely delicate to work with.

Teacher told me that the craftsman who made them had invested over two hundred years of his time in the craft and is quite famous in the world for his goods.

I opened my eyes and found green and silver runes all over me, and now they are spreading through the strings toward the Grimm Monster.


It took little more than ten seconds for the runes to spread around the Grimm Monsters body and the harvesting process to begin; as it did, I covered myself and An

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