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Chapter 1684 - Healing I

The Blade of the Black Mambaman arrived back of her c.h.e.s.t as if it is teleported; it was so fast that it did not take even a fraction of a second for it to cross the meters to distance.

Seeing her end, I nearly closed my eyes, imagining the huge sword of Black Mambaman piercing through her before it pierced her.


But nothing of that sort had happened, as the sword is about to pierce through her. A bright yellow forcefield came out and repelled the sword, and Black Mambaman held it before flickering out of existence.

I opened my mouth to curse, seeing the protection talisman had lasted for less than a second when I noticed that not only the yellow forcefield had disappeared, with it the Black Moon lady had also disappeared.

Realizing that smile of relief couldn't help but appeared on my face, but that lasted only for a moment before worry appeared again.

Her condition is not good; it could be said extremely serious. If injured by the normal Grimm Monsters, I had been worried, but it is a powerful poison master that had injured her.

There are very few options that could work against the Poison of Tyrant Poisonmater as each poison master is different, and their Poison not only poisons the body but also energy and soul.

My mother herself got inflicted with the curse, and even with all the resources of Supreme Mistson, they were not able to cure her of it. Even now, she suffers from the curse, which had suppressed her strength to the pitiful Knight from the powerful Tyrant.


I was just watching the three Grimm Monsters cursing and searching for the lady madly when I heard the loud boom, which vibration felt around the ground I am standing.

My eyes flew open, and I hid further into bushes and activated a couple of formations, which help me.

The sound I heard was too loud and too close, seeing the tendency of this place which suppresses everything, including the sound which comes from within the range of a kilometer of mine.

And it is likely Tyrant is its source; emperors could not make such heavy sound no matter what they do in such powerful suppression.

I have seen the Tyrants casually kill the Emperors, and even though I have a pretty good protection talisman that might activate even under such suppression, I still did not want to take the risk.

A minute passed by, and no sound came out from that direction; seeing those different thoughts begin to rise in my mind, and one of the thoughts wanted me to go and check it.

For a few seconds, I resisted such thoughts, but when I thought of one possibility, I slowly got up from my spot and walked toward the direction of the sound.

I did not hurry up as my heart wanted me to; instead, I am extremely careful. If it is not what I think it is, then hurrying up would be extremely dangerous, so I slowly moved.


A few minutes later, I couldn't help but curse when I saw

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