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Chapter 1713 - Fighting Tyrant III

I had acquired all data I need, and I am sure I could kill it, but I am in no hurry to act. I want to make sure when I attack, I am successful, and for that, I would need a perfect chance, which is not hard to find; I will just have to wait for few minutes max.

I could still attack and have a chance to kill it, but I wanted my attack to be sure to kill; if I miss I would have to wait for an hour or more.

I really did not want to wait for more; I am already lucky enough that no Grimm Monster or human has discovered us fighting, but this luck will not last long. Ashlyn had seen a couple of Humans and Grimm Monsters coming close; some even had come really close.

So, I want to finish it as soon as possible; I just have to wait for a little for the perfect chance.

First Boost + Second Boost + Everwings + Third Boost!

I did not have to wait for less; in less than a minute later, I found a perfect chance, and just as I did, I activated the first Boost, which trigger I had been holding on to. My blood begins to burn, and strength like never before begin to course through my body.

The two aspects that received the most advancements in the Garden were Body and Soul. Their advancements were much more than other aspects; half of the food I had ate worked on strengthening them.

So, when I burned my essence, I found more strength coursing through my body than I had expected, and I had used it all.

As the power of essence burned course through me, I stopped taking steps back and disappeared from my spot.

It got extremely surprised seeing that as for more than five hours, I had been on the defensive, taking steps back with each of its attacks, and now, I burst out with great strength that I disappeared from its sight.

I appeared behind and moved my sword to pierce its c.h.e.s.t from behind, and it reacted immediately. It moved its ax at its back without moving; it had performed such a move flawlessly, one could not see the slightest friction in its movements.

Its defended against my attack, "Hehe, human, its not ea" it said when its words cut of mid-air, and a look of shock appeared on its face and as I directly appeared in front of it and my sword is now moving toward its c.h.e.s.t.

I had deliberately attacked it from behind at first; I wanted to defend it, so I could attack its ax with power. So, when I appeared in front of it, its ax would be a fraction of seconds later, and that is all the time I needed to finish it off.

Suddenly, the look of shock it had on its face has vanished, and a brights teasing smile appeared on its face.

The runes that covered its body have brightened up, and a powerful aura burst out of them. Ax, which was slow, appeared in front of it as if it is teleported and moved toward my sword, which going for its c.h.e.s.t.



Our weapons clashed, and I was sent back with a huge force that I had clash

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