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Chapter 1715 - Harvesting Bloodline I

"Shit, Shit, Shit!"

I couldn't help but curse loudly multiple times; I am very familiar with this feeling, way too familiar. Whenever I harvest the Grimm Monster, I always wish I would feel this feeling from it.

It is the feeling of Bloodline Awakening; when in extreme danger, Grimm Monsters were able to dig through their latent potential and awaken their bloodlines.

If it had been Emperor, I would have been ecstatic, but it is freaking Tyrant I am dealing with. With its Bloodline awakened, its strength would rise sharply, and I don't know whether or not my strings will able to contain it.

Now, there are only two ways in front of me, either kill it before it awakened its Bloodline completely or continue with harvesting.

The choices are extremely difficult to make; if I kill it, then I could forget about the Tyrant Essence Rose but doing that, I would not be in danger. If I chose the second option, then not only would I have a Tyrant Grade Essence Rose but also a Tyrants Bloodline, which would be many times powerful than the Emperor's Bloodline.

It would increase my strength beyond I could imagine, but with its great flaws, I could very well die.

The Bloodline is going to be powerful, and with its, it might even be able to break its bounds; once that happened, I would have no choice but to run away. So, I thought hard before finally make the decision.

I decided to take the risk; even if there are chances of breaking out of its bounds, I am willing to take risks.

So, when the Bloodline completely awakened, I had to hold it back for a couple of seconds before runes came out, and once they do, the Grimm Monsters would be good as dead.

I conveniently choose to forget that I dealing with Tyrant, and there is a slight chance that Green and Silver may not come out for harvest.

With me making a decision, I focused even more on harvesting. I did not hold back anything, including the pseudo Bloodline that I had not used till now. I had been keeping it as a trump card to use against any dangerous foe that might suddenly appear.

Such things have happened to me too many times that I always keep an eye for something like that, but now the Bloodline is awakening, I have to use it.

The next moment, diamond energy begin to spread into my runes, and within few seconds, it had covered all the strings in the Crockmans body. I also begin to sew my strings into the internal organs of the Grimm Monsters further. Lets its Bloodline give it strength; I will make sure that its body will not be capable of using that strength.

Seconds passed by, and the crescendo of Bloodline awakening continue to build higher and higher till it reached its peak.


Suddenly, a thundering sound broke out from its body, with my strings covering every part of it. I felt as if a giant volcano had exploded; an extremely powerful lava power begin to spread into the

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