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Chapter 1686 - Healing III

A surprised expression couldn't flash on her eyes when I said we would not be disturbed for three hours, and she looked around, searching for the source of my confidence.

She looked up for few seconds before looking back at me, "Your Academy seemed to be hiding some great things; there are not many artifacts that could fool the soul sense of the Tyrant," She said in her very raspy voice before her eyes turn very serious.

"You should rethink about healing me; the moment your energy touched mine, the poison inside me attack you, and this poison is powerful enough that it could kill a common Tyrant within a minute." She informed.

"I know, but I think I will be able to handle it," I replied. "Fine, do whatever you want, I will not resist, but I hope you will be able to stabilize my condition enough that I would be able to use the strength of common Tyrant for at least a few minutes," She said and slumped down.

Even she did not believe I could heal her completely; as I had said, only Tyrants have the power to heal Tyrants, especially when poison inside them is this strong.

"I will try," I said, "Though you will have to bear with the pain, as you might have heard, my methods are quite painful," I said, to that, I just got a look from her that says, 'do your worst.'

I gave her a soft smile and touched her forehead, which is burning, before closing my eyes.

As I did, I begin to pour as much energy into one formation; it my new healing move, which I have not used before, but I am going to use now and use it in its full power; I have to do it if I want to have any chance against this poison.

"Life Coffin!"

I muttered, and hundreds of vibrant energy strings released from my body. I am releasing as many strings as I could. The greater number of vines would help me better fighting against this poison.

Hundreds of vines came out of me, and they begin to weave around Constance, and a minute later, Constance is in a transparent coffin made of green strings.

Even when Constance got covered in a coffin, I did not open my eyes; I don't think I will be able to open my eyes through the whole process; I will need full concentration to heal her.

'Now is the important part!' I said in my mind as I placed both of my palms on the coffin.

Puch Puch Puch

Taking a deep breath, I commanded my vines, and as I did, hundreds of strings pierce through Constance. I could see pupils of Constance constrict heavily, but despite that, she did not react in my bad way, but this is just a start of pain she will fill.

As the strings pierce through her, they begin to grow, and at the same time, the poison leaped at the strings finally.

The poison is very powerful, and its power crushing that when it leaped at my vines, I felt a strong pressure felt on me and started to bleed from my nose.

Still, despite this pressure, my concentration does not waver, and I projected the run

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