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Chapter 1707 - Conversation And Snacks III

"The Honeycomb Expander you have designed is very good for you, but It had been more powerful than you could bear."

"You might have thought the small injuries would have healed over time if you had not stressed your body, but it is not the case."

"The injuries would have been expanded with the slightest stress on your body, and with the essence, you had burned, you have found out, the small injuries would have to cover every part of you,"

"Those injuries would have been serious, and they would have stopped you from projecting your peak strength till you healed them all,"

"At worst case, your soul would have been shattered under the sheer stress of it, ending your life's journey," it said as it looked at the honeycomb formation spinning in a realistic humanoid projection of mine it had conjured.

I shuddered a little, thinking what would have happened. If not for me coming here and receiving timely medical care, I would have been in serious trouble.

It had been a week since I had come to the Garden of Sun, which is the real name of Sunlit Dome, and throughout the week, I did not get a second of sleep, but I still feel fresh as when I woke up from long sleep.

The food and conversation keeping me awake, food to be specific. It is beyond what I ate; everything I am eating is made from the Tyrant level materials, and each of them helping me greatly.

My strength had risen immensely, and this time my base had been fortified; some of the things I had eaten are doing things that very few things like Diamond Seal could do.

Some of the foods I had ate are expanding my natural limit, which is extremely hard, near impossible. If it had been easy to expand the natural limit, I would not have taken the extreme risk of creating an expander like the honeycomb.

This food is also fortifying my soul and body without going through my runes or honeycomb. So it is not only increasing my strength but also helping me avoid future trouble.

As I harvest more bloodlines and their energy filled the honeycomb, which will merge with my body soul, some unstable factors would have emerged during it, but now with the food making my foundable more stabler, the danger of those unstable factors are mitigating.

There is another type of special food I ate that had targeted my runes. It had strengthened them, and this time, the runes did not release the strengthening energy they usually do.

Each food serves different purple, and I am quite excited about what food I will eat in the coming days.

Earlier I had some doubts about it saying, people who come here return with huge benefits but now I have no doubt about it as I had already received huge benefits.

He waved his hand, and all Inheritance and pieces floating around us disappeared, except for my incomplete Tyrant Inheritance.

"Nine days had been passed; I have to congratulate you, Micheal; you have broken t

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