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Chapter 1688 - Healing V

I watched with bated breaths as the Greystone Rhinoman floats in the air, searching with its soul sense even after the attack.

I am grateful that it did not dare to launch any more of the attacks; if it had, then there is no way in hell, the plates would have been able to keep me hidden.

Seconds passed by, and finally, at the 27th second, the Greystone Rhinoman moved, and a few seconds later, it disappeared from my view. I immediately connected my mind with Ashlyn and saw it leave slowly.

While it is leaving, its soul sense is still covering the area, but it is getting weaker as the Grimm Monsters flew away, and about a minute later, when the Grimm Monsters had to cross enough distance, the soul sense of it had also disappeared.


Feeling its soul sense disappear, I finally took a sigh of relief. Every second Greystone Rhinoman above me, I felt like the scythe of Grim Reaper is standing above my neck. The moment it discovered me, the scythe would fall on my neck.

It is a very uncomfortable feeling that I do not wish to feel but have no choice to feel like everyone else.

"is it gone?" The Raspy voice asked, making me break the connection I had with Ashlyn. "Yes, it is gone," I replied without opening my eyes and focused on healing her again.

The Poison energy is clashing against my strings, wanting to crush them, but my strings held on while s.u.c.k.i.n.g up a tiny bit of the poison every moment. It is not fast as my usual healing speed, but it is far better than I had expected.

My strings are faring way better again the poison energy than I had through they would be when I saw the poison. This should not be surprising to me, seeing the things they had consumed and how great their design is.

Still, the healing is far from being on the right track; the poison that is attacking my vines is the one that is affecting Miss Constance Body.

The poison that had been affecting her energy and soul is still out their attacking energy and soul.

This poison is three-layer one, each affecting a different aspect, and it is a good thing that healing only attracted the body aspect poison. The energy aspect and soul aspect are still corroding the energy and soul of Miss Constance.

While I could attract both of the poisons, it is not time yet. My strings are already under heavy stress, the poison of Elite Poison Master is damn powerful, and I will need to treat it carefully, even knowing every second I don't act against those two poisons, they grow more powerful.

But I have no other choice, the poison affecting the body is more powerful, and I have to do deal with it first, or at least weaken it before I could go and deal with those two poisons.

I had already discarded my earlier strategy of containing the poison; why contain it when you could destroy it.

My initial plan was to attack poison little by little and make sealing runes inside it but seeing t

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