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Chapter 1283 - Camp Camilla I

"I am Mira Nygard; I will be your guide to Camp Camilla." She said. Mira is a tall girl with deep blond hair that makes her look redhead, cut to her shouders, and bright blue eyes looked as if they are carved out of amethyst.

"let's go," she said, and we have walked out of the airport.

Camp Camila is old, and it shows it; it is also small as it did not have more than fifty thousand people, of which only twenty thousand are fighters.

The numbers may seem low compared to millions present in the smallest outpost in other places, but one could not underestimate the power of those selected or come on their own here.

Every person, including non-combat people, are above ordinary people, and those fighters who go out in hell are exceptional.

Everyone has to go through the test before coming here, and those who are selected by lottery are already marked exceptional in the Pyramids database.

"Its beautiful, isn't it?" Mira asked as we walked on the street of Camp Camilla. "Yes, it is one of the most beautiful places Ive been," I said. The scenery outside is one of a kind, but the city inside is also extremely beautiful.

All the buildings are filled with old chams, and more than 90% of them are thousands of years old. The city is a military outpost, and it looked like but it also beautiful.

If one had told me before coming here that I would find a military building, even those of thousands of years old beautiful, I would have slapped that person, but now I believe it as I see it with my own eyes.

"Due to the city having only a limited number of people, there was never much big change, but all buildings here are filled with modern amenities, you will find some things here which you will not find anywhere else in the world." She said with a proud smile.

"You are talking about Miasma Pools, right?" I asked her, "Yes, Miasma Pools, the wonder you will not find anywhere in the world except for here." She said with a slight shudder as if remembering something very scary.

Miasma Pools are a special medicinal pool created by using miasma and other ingredients found in the Miasmic Paradice. For thousands of years, people thought Miasma Unusable, but a thousand years ago, Grimm Monsters found a way to use it.

They created Alchemical Solution using miasma and other precious things found in the miasmic paradise. Continues use of this solution helps one build some immunity again miasma and helps in refining the body.

One has to regularly use it to build some immunity against it, but one could start refining the body through it right away, and from what I heard, it is one of the best body refining solutions found in the world.

From Dukes to Tyrants, everyone could use it, and from what the teacher told, the people with bloodlines flock to the places in Miasmic Paradice. The Misma Pool is especially effective in rousing the bloodlines; even the professor had spent som

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