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Chapter 1298 - Date I

Time passed by as I took more and more energy for each circulation, and no matter what I would take, it would disappear within moments.

When I first entered the pool and saw the amount of energy present, I had not throught I would be able to absorb it. I planned to store it for tomorrow, but now, seeing how hungrily my body is seeking this energy, I don't think I have to worry about that.

I hoped this diluted essence of the Miasmic Astral Rose would not be this difficult. If it would just act like other energies, I would have finished with it now, but now there is still so much for me to absorb.

Time passed by, and finally, where there is only 10% of diluted essence remained in the tub, my body reached its limit, unable to merge with any more energy for today, but there are still my runes and Nero, so I kept sucking it.

Some more time passed when finally all energy in the tub had sucked apart, not the single speck of it have remained. After I got out of the tub, the first thing I did was to vaporize the water with Sunfire, not leaving even dregs.

All this wasted water goes to drain directly, but who those there might be some crazy alchemist with a test tube in his hand, testing dregs of solution coming out every King's Quarter.

I don't want any trace of Miasmic Astral Lotus to remain, or I would be in serious trouble. The Miasmic Astral Rose is an extremely desired object, and if someone knows I had it, my life would be in danger.

After burning all the proof, I looked at myself and was shocked to see the change that happened.

This single drop of diluted Miasmic Astral Rose essence gave me benefits I would get after refining my bodied for a week three times a day, and the thing is, I only half of the diluted drop as the other half was taken by Nero and my runes.

This immense progress made me forget the loss I had of the Supreme Combat Exercise seals, which I was not able to create as the energy got absorbed before I complete twenty-four circulation.

After completely inspecting the change, I walked out of the room and stepped into showed before laying on the bed; the sky had brightened up completely under the morning light.

When I woke up, it was an afternoon. After walking up, I did not immediately get up but remained on the bed with a smile on my face as I thought about the date I have with Mira.

When I 'Unintentionally' asked her for a date yesterday, I was quite skeptical and dumbfounded, and now I am feeling quite happy about it; it had a while since I felt such happiness at the bottom of my heart.

It took me a while to come out of my daydreams and go to the bathroom to freshen up before walking to the kitchen to cook something to feed my rumbling stomach.

I made something light and quick, and at with Ashlyn before entering the small room again and forge my body and this time, I used solutions from my storage, not of the Miasmic Solution which cou

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