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Chapter 1288 - Binding And Killing II

It took me a while to understand the meaning of what she said, and when I looked at her, I found that it is what she said and what she said isn't just an expression.

The miasma is really not touching her body; it is just coming close to her before repealing back. It feels like her body had something that miasma did not want to come into contact with.

Something like this happened with my own energy. I had noticed this factor when I am healing the patients.

When I am researching Miasma in my quarters, I had touched with energy that was devoid of rule-bending power. That time, I saw the miasma and my energy are repealing against each other.

Which I found very strange; the repealing force was weak but visible. I first thought it is because of my inheritance energy, a c.o.c.ktail of many energies, but when I started to experiments, I noticed it is because of Beast's energy present in runes.

I don't know what relation the Beast energy and this miasma have; I am still researching it. Understanding that relation will help me very much in my own research for Inheritance.

The forest contains large numbers of monsters, and they could be considered part of the miasma since they are born here; not only a monster but nearly everything in this forest is considered part of the miasma.

Since everything is part of miasma means nearly everything here is dangerous, one could die in minutes, and another thing is that the sensory powers have been completely suppressed here; I have to move with the help of my visual sense.

It is a huge problem for people of my level as we are very much got used to our soul sense, especially in a dangerous environment like this where we use it far more than our visual sense.

Still, I am much better than others compared to me; Ashlyn is completely fine in the Miasma. It does not affect her body, but it also does not affect her soul sense; it is working as usual.

In these four days, I am researching this miasma as there is a quite big chance that a few days later, I might be able to walk into Miasma without fear, and my soul sense would also work just fine.

My rule-bending power is amazing; I am working on something that would make me impervious to miasma even when it entered. It would just enter and go out; not only that, but I am also working my soul sense too so that it would work in the miasma; I am very close to finding the way.

This forest is extremely dangerous not only because of flora and fauna but also Grimm Monsters. They are in huge numbers here and everywhere; thousands of them are found in ten kilometers of our outpost.

The miasma changes the nature of warfare. Since we can't send too many people to the cleaning of our immediate area, Grimm Monsters can close in, not only them we also gather close to their outposts, sometimes it became quite bloody.


Suddenly, I stopped as Ashlyn had sensed Grimm Monster

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