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Chapter 1305 - Rule Advancement


My sword defended against its staff, and what happened next, blown the Scarlet Houndmans mind so much that it had exited out of its controlled frenzy.

As my sword clashed against its staff, I stopped yes. The furious momentum that had me crashed through hundreds of trees for the past ten minutes had finally been eliminated, and at the same time, I moved toward it.

I made a little adjustment in my Armor for dealing with extreme physical force; it will be fun to use its own power to deal with it.


Just when my sword about hit it, its shocked face reacted, and its staff appeared in front of my sword as if it had teleported and defended against my sword.

"You have seemed to be holding back." Scarlet Housandman said. There is bubbling rage that could be felt through its voice. It thought; I was mocking it by excessively playing weak, which hurt its pride.

"I thought I might give you some chance to score some hits, but you were not even able to break my, much less doing anything against me," I said, adding even more oil in its range.

"You Bastard Human." It shouted in rage and attacked me in a frenzy. Its attack is more powerful than others, and this time, it had come with intense suppression that is powerful enough to immobilize a normal Prince Stage powerhouse.

This suppression is coming from the Palm-size Green Crytal on top of its staff; seeing the runes flashing on the Green Crytal; it seemed to be a very rare, suppression type artifact.

These artifacts are extremely rare and only found in the hands of Grimm Monsters or ruines, and seeing the runes flashing on the Green Crytal, this suppression Artifact did not seem to be made from the Grimm Race; it likely from the runes.

The suppression is great, but it was not able to stop me. I used all the raw power I got from the previous attack and moved my sword to counter its staff.


My sword clashed against its staff, and tsunami-like force entered my body and got absorbed again, converted into raw energy before moving toward my arms, and next moment, my sword moving toward its chest.

Seeing my attack coming, the range on its face exploded, and it attacked me with an even more powerful attack.


Our weapons started clashing at even more frenzy, filled with power that was able to turn the trees into powder; even I started to shudder under such power, but my Armor is nearly sucking all, converting it into raw power and giving it to back to attack it.


'Hun!' Our weapons clashed again, but this time there was barely any sound came out of it, forget sound there was no shockwave.

For a moment, I thought, I had missed the staff and braced for its impact, but nothing came.

My sword has clashed against the staff, but there was no sound and shockwave. It had taken me a whole moment to release what happened.

My Rule power

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