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Chapter 1290 - Snake Valley II

They continued discussing a few minutes excitedly before they closed the map and started moving toward their destination.

My vision turned back to normal, and I immediately opened the map and looked for the position they were pointing. It did not take long as I already had the map committed to memory and knew which area those two Grimm Monsters were pointing.

"Snake Valley."

I muttered; Snake Valley is a relatively small place but a quite dangerous one. As its names suggest, the valley is full of snakes, violent poisonous snakes which will attack is doves to whoever invaded their territory.

Due to their vicious nature and large numbers, most people stayed away from that valley, but these two Grimm Monsters are going there, and they are even excited about it, which means there must be something amazing in the snake valley that is making these Grimm Monsters excited.

I wanted to kill these bastards, but I decided to follow them for them; I will kill them when I know what is in the snake valley.

With Ashlyn following them sneakily, I did not have to get too close to these bastards who are being very careful, checking if anyone was following them or not, and it turned out I am not the only one following these two bastards.

There another Grimm Monster that is following these Oxmen sneakily. It is a good thing that I had decided to maintain the large distance and let Ashlyn do all the following; otherwise, this Grimm Monster would have discovered me.

This Grimm Monster a good old Werewolf, a Peak Duke werewolf, and seein the way it is following them at such close distance without getting discovered, it only means one thing.

This Werewolf has the power of the Apex Inheritance or bloodline or something close to it; otherwise, it is very hard to remain undiscovered by two peak Princes.

Even if the soul senses don't work here, the physical senses of Grimm Monsters are quite strong. People can't get very close to them without a special method or having something like killing rules, which I have.

I will definably fight this Werewolf, Ive been searching for such an opponent since morning, but now is not the time, not before the business of snake valley is over; as soon as it is over, I will fight it.

Time passed by, and at about seven in the evening, the Grimm Monster finally reached the Snake Valley. There, they became very careful as they entered inside; the snake valley is full of snakes, and these Grimm Monsters very careful about it.

Some distance from the snake valley, I carved a hidden spot inside the tree and went inside. It is going to take some while, so I might as well make myself more comfortable.

As I sat under a tree, I switched my vision to that of Ashlyn, which is following then in her tiny form is which is even smaller than the thumb. Three of them have no idea; someone else is following them.

'These Grimm Monsters are really someth

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