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Chapter 1319 - Prince Stage I

I looked at the Runic Humonoid in front of me and couldnt help but sigh in amazement as I looked at my beautiful creation.

I had been very lucky to get so much research material, especially those Inheritance pieces and Inheritance that winged powerhouse has shown me.

She also had Creation Heart inheritance like me and creating her own Inheritance through it. Her approach was different than mine, but there was so much to learn from it.

It was quite regrettable that I had only able to observe it for a few minutes; if I have a day or two, I would have gotten much more. Still, those few minutes with her Inheritance have helped me a lot.

I looked at the humanoid carefully, wanting to check its every inch for any flaw. Though I had already done that more than ten times, I still wanted to do that one last time before initiating my level up.

A few minutes later, I was finally satisfied with my Inheritance and initiated the level up.


As I did, a buzz rang through me and was sent out of my Inheritance Space.

The runes lit inside me blindingly that my whole body started to shine up, as the new runes started to spread through my body.

The runes started to change place, and those runes that did not have any use turned to dust; and their energy used to make the new runes, but that is far from enough to fill the need for these new runes.

As th new runes started to build inside me, my body started to suck the energy from the resources around me; their speed was so much that within a minute, all the cabin full of resources disappeared within a minute, shocking the hell out of me.

I had predicted the need for huge resources and prepared as such, but this time, I again got surprised by the speed my runes took the energy from me.

Two weeks ago, I had purified and refined all the resources I had for my coming breakthrough. The quality of them was immense that I had to employ quite a lot of alchemic to do that.

It was a good thing I did it, as even with this speed, I have enough resources to quench the thirst of the Inheritance.

As the resources disappeared, I had taken out another badge, which had instantly filled the cabin, but with the increasing speed of sucking, those resources are disappearing at a visible rate.

As time passed, the hunger of runes kept increasing that now they did not take even a minute to guzzle up all the resources, that is even when there is a huge whirlpool of worldly energy present above me.

This time designing upgrade, I created the formation which would call a bigger cloud of worldly energy, so the burden of resources on me would less.

Though the whirlpool of worldly energy is obviously big, it did not seem much to help me with the resource burden; every minute, my runes are guzzling more and more resources in a never-ending stream.

If someone were to open the door of the cabin right now, they would my cabin

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