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Chapter 1313 - Space Realm

"Lunch is ready," I said; after about two and a half hours, I had finally called back the vines. Cooking for this many people reward but it is also very tiring, it is not easy to manage a huge amount of energies in dishes.

It always felt good while cooking, and today, I had especially needed that. I had been excessively worrying about Mira, and it had started to affect my mental stage, but this session of cooking have removed all the extra stress I was feeling.

"These dishes smelled more amazing than the ones you have cooked previously." Mr. West praised, to that, I smiled. The dishes, Ive cooked before were below fifty, and the ones I had cooked now were above fifty.

I talked to Mr. West for a minute before I walked out of the kitchen and took the plate for my food. I could have gotten the food directly from the kitchen, but I did not want to break more cafeteria rules than I am breaking right now.

I, Lena, and a few of our friends filled our plates and the usual table. As we did that, the people that were in the cafeteria instantly lined up on the long lines, wanting to get food as soon as possible.

"Umm, it is more amazing than the dishes you have cooked in the past," Lena praised; others had praised too as she took the bite.

"Do you guys know the real reason for them closing the gate and sending only Kings out of investigations?" Daina said suddenly with a mysterious smile on her face, hearing her ears of everyone perked up, and we all looked at her expectation.

Diana is very chatty, but she good chatty. She is so good at a conversation that people end up spilling out their secrets to her unknowingly; even I had unintentionally ended up spilling some of my lighter secrets.

"Come out with it?" Lena snapped, seeing Diana unintentionally delaying of effect. "Ok, buzzkill." She snapped back Lena before that mysterious smile returned on her face.

"You guys must know that the density of the Miasma suddenly increases, right?" she asked, and everyone nodded, "But you guys know the reason for it?" she asked back, to which all of us shook our heads as we had no idea.

"My first patient in the morning was good at talking; she told me that when he was patrolling the area, she was assigned. She noticed a density of mana and decided to check its source."

"On the way to the source, she found herself in a completely different place for a few minutes before appearing back, a few kilometers distance from the original place." She finished.

Hearing that, everyone got so surprised that we have been unable to talk for a few minutes.

"These are a clear indication of the Space Realm, but if this space realm, then how is it leaking same pink miasma as outside?" I asked back Diana.

"These questions have come to my mind too, and I first throught she was lying; if not the reaction Adventure Paradice that was followed an hour later, I would not believe her either."

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