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Chapter 1302 - Worm Master

A Worm Master is torturing the humans, and he isn't holding back on their screams, instead of making them screams higher and higher while laughing madly.

The humans are in wretched conditions with all types of energy worms drilling through every part of their bodies; I couldn't help but shudder watching thousands of worms covering their body, inflicting them with torturous pain.

While I was watching, one of the humans who were attracted by the sound and moved closer.

She was very careful, but when she entered the five hundred meters of range of the Grimm Monster, energy work shot out of from the ground and pierced through the protection of her Armor.

She was a peak Prince powerhouse, but those Worms released by Initial Prince Powerhouse had immobilized her and brought her with the rest of the humans.

I watched for a few seconds before asked Ashlyn to circle the area around the Worm Master to see if there are any King Stage powerhouses nearby; if there is, then I will not rescue them no matter how much I want to.

Years spent in Grimm Battlefield had made me a rational person; I am no longer the emotional person I used to be.

If there are King Stage Grimm Monsters nearby, then rescuing them would be futile. I would die by its hands even if I have successfully rescued them.

'Chew Chew…'

Soon, I got a reply from Ashlyn, and it is good news; there is no King Stage Grimm Monster not watching, and it is not present in the immediate area too, so it would not be attracted by the sound.

With the conformation, I sped up toward the Worm Master, and soon I had reached a one-kilometer distance from the Worm Monster before landing and walking toward the Worm Master.

"Friend, Wait." A young man called as he appeared in front of me. He is a peak Prince powerhouse with impressive combat strength.

"Do You need something?" I said directly; there is no time to waste on talking; the more I waste time here, the more agony they will suffer and might even die if I did not get there quickly as possible.

"I just stopped to warn you, the Grimm Monster that is torturing the humans is a host of Apex Inheritance." "Going there will be throwing your life." He warned, clearly seeing my High Duke mediocre aura.

"I know but thank you for a warning," I said with a smile before shot out from my place toward the Worn Master.

Sup Sup Sup…

Soon, I reached five hundred meters of the Worm Master, and the screams have become extremely clear to my ears; at the same time, hundreds of worms came at me with the speed of the buttle.

These worms are the size of pinky fingers and are in vomit green color, making what I am going to do even more creepy.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

I did not dodge the attack; I let worms crashed into my Armor. If it had been anyone else, these worms would have been piercing their Armor before drilling into their skin, but these worms crashed against m

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