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Chapter 1289 - Snake Valley I

I stored all the bodies in my storage with them dead and checked the stuff they got, and my eye couldn't help but light up.

"Good," I said, and as I saw the stuff inside, their storages were filled with herbs and roots. These things could not be said to be very rare, but they are rare, and their quantity is also high.

I walked away after looking at things; I have to hunt many Grimm Monsters for resources and find the Apex Inheritance Hosts to fights. There are many hosts of Apex Inheritances present here, and I want to fight them.

I am burning to test my blades against them, but finding them is not easy. Their numbers are high here, but they are not that high that I would find them everywhere.

I have to be in the right place at the right time to find them, and its a good thing I have Ashlyn, who could make things for me a little easier than it ought to be. I had already told her to keep a lookout for those Grimm Monsters.


It had been a few minutes since I had killed the team of Iron Chimpmen when Ashlyn informed me of spotting the monster. I quickly moved toward it and saw the monster, and seeing it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

It is Blazing Bear Monster with a towering height of twelve meters. It is Peak Prince Monsters and has impressive battle power that it would have given the serious challenge to five Grimm Monsters that I had killed earlier.

"Hey, little bear," I shouted and appeared in front of it. It looked at me before killing intent appeared in its eyes; I have invaded its territory, and it wants to kill me for that and not to forget I am a foreigner in its palace, which is another reason for it kill me.


It let out a huge roar and move its huge leg at an extremely fast speed to crush me to death.

Its leg was just halfway when thin wine erupted from the ground and moved along its body and biding every important part of its body. By the time the vines had completely bound it, its leg was just one meter away from crushing me.


Seeing its bound, it roared as it struggled intensely break to break the vines by immense force and also lighted up its whole body with a thick blazing fire, which is trying the burn the vines with all its power.

I watched mutely as it struggles with all its power; the only thing I changed was shut it up as it was screaming too loudly and attracting both monsters and Grimm Monsters.

It continued to struggle, but despite its huge size and powerful strength coupled with a blazing fire, they cannot do anything against my vine, which only thick as my smallest finger.


I watched it for a few minutes, collecting all the data I need from the bear monster before sending it on its way and storing it into my storage before it hit the ground.

Due to mist, this monster is not eatable, but it still quite expensive; outside people will pay quite much for it. I can

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