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Chapter 1279 - 5th Ruby Seal

It has been five weeks since I had returned to the Academy and four weeks since the Teacher's birthday, and I could be said to have made a great process.

I have done great research in Inheritance Palace, and within a weak, I will be able to level up into the High Level of Duke Stage.

Currently, I am in the tub circulating energy furiously into my veins. I have made huge progress in a supreme combat exercise and now circulating energy furiously to reach my target.

If I reached it, I would be conquering the great milestone that would shock others if they know about it.


Finally, a buzz rang out as the last bit of the energy had been spent, and I had reached my target. I had created the 500th seal of supreme combat exercise, which is a huge deal.

When I come to the Academy, I had reached the 300th seal, but now in just a month, I had created two hundred more. It would have been impossible to achieve something like it without the torturous refinement I had put my body into.

Refining my body three times a day is no simple feat; even I did when I think about it, but I still did it. I went through that torturous training three times a day and created two seals of supreme combat exercise within thirty days.

Soon the 500th seal was completed, and I transferred the tiny bit of energy into my body, which I did not even feel. As it finished transferring the energy into me, it started to spin with other normal nine seals to create the amethyst seal.

The amethyst seal's creation took some more energy, but it was not more than 10%. Finally, when the amethyst seal is created, it transferred the energy, which affected my strength.

The amethyst seal increased my body and soul's strength by 1%, which is an equal week of torturous training, but it is nothing compared to what I am going to receive right now.

As the amethyst seal is created, it started to spin with the other nine amethyst seals and started to suck the mana off my storage crazily. Seeing that, I began to refine more energy.

Each Ruby Seal gives 30% of the host's current strength, which means I will need to refine a shit load of mana for it so that it could give me a 30% boost of energy.

I could use the easier way; there are special refined potions that could create seals of supreme combat exercise. I have a few of those solutions in my storage, but I do not plan to use them.

I liked the rush, and refining this amount of energy at such speed will increase my refining speed. It is a win-win for me, and those potions I have in my storage area for emergencies where I did not have time to refine the energy.

I refined and refined, till finally, after more than half an hour later, the whirlpool stopped sucking the energy, and a ruby seal emerged from it.

The ruby seal beautiful as always; as it emerged, it let out a gentle shine, and a flood of gentle red energy spread through my body.

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