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Chapter 1284 - Camp Camilla II

"Is Micheals healing method is different than normal healers?" Mira asked suddenly, to her question mark and other healers looked at her with a peculiar gaze.

"You will find out soon," Mark said before a cryptic smile before he turned to me, "Can you heal the damages of the miasma?" Mark asked; he is referring to the pink miasma of Miasmic Paradice, not the regular miasma which even a normal person healer could heal.

"Yes," I said; I had experimented with the miasma of it this place in the academy, and I did not have much problem; the upgrade of my runes and rule-bending power makes many difficult things very easy.

"How many patients you want to heal?" Mark asked; Mira was quite surprised hearing such a question, but this time she remained quiet.

"Open ten cabins," I said; I said to Mark, who got little surprise hearing that along with other healers but complied immediately. A moment later, he tapped a few buttons on his holowatch; the glass cabins started to desspeared inside the floor.

"They are all yours," Mark said as he waved his hands toward ten beds that were covered by the glass cabins earlier.

I walked toward them and stopped in front of the ten beds, "My healing method is a little painful, so if anyone has any problem with that, you can opt-out." I said. As I said, I heard 'little' said by many healers, including mark.

All of them shook their heads, saying they have no problem with experiencing little pain. "Still, as a precaution, I will ask mark to bind all you," "your guys don't have a problem with that, right?" I asked.

I could see doubt and hesitation appearing on their faces as if they are getting a bad feeling about this from their gut, but they still shook their head. They may not look like it, but they are in very serious condition; if they did not receive treatment within three hours, they would die.

"Since all of you did not have any objection, I will begin," I said, and two sub-Crysteline vines were released from my hands, and they further divided into five smile vines each before moving toward nervous-looking patients.

If I had eyes at my back, I would have seen healers looking at vines with extreme interest as if they are watching a blockbuster movie; one healer even had a gloating expression on her face as she looked at one specific patient.


Soon vines reached the patients, and without warning, they pierced through them before started spreading every inch of their bodies. Mournful screams rang out of the ward, scaring the hell out of other patients who were watching from a distance, and a look of horror appeared on their faces.

Only healers who knew about my healing method remained unsurprised, but traces of fear and awe could be seen in their eyes.

"Mark?" Mira asked, ready to intervene the moment mark gave her get-go. She had been expecting to see some strange healing method, not pure torture that is ha

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