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Chapter 1299 - Date II

"You look mesmerizing," I praised; she may not be as devastatingly beautiful as Ellen and Rachel, but she has personally, which is very hard to see in most people.

"Did I tell you, I like praises? You should remember that." She said with a smile, and her forest green eyes shone in mischievousness. "Don't worry; I will never forget that," I replied.

"You take a seat; I will be finished ten minutes," I said; she nodded and took a seat on the white sofa before turning to me.

"I had expected you would bring a take out and call it self cooking, but it looked like I will get to eat a real dinner made by you." She said, hearing that I couldn't help but smile.

The 'take-out' old impressing trick that both men and women used, even ellen had used it on her first date with her fiancé.

"Don't worry, I am genuine, and though I may not be as good as some people, I like to think you will be impressed by my cooking," I said to her, which brough a smile to her face.

"Then I am waiting, though let me tell you; I am not the girl who would get easily impressed; let me tell you I have pretty high standards." She said, and there was a hint to challenge in her voice.

"Then today, your standards will reach even higher," I said back. I do not talk this much, even with close friends, but she somehow kept bringing words out of my mouth.

Our conversation feels less like a conversation and more like a spar where one party is trying to upend the other, and I have to say, I am enjoying this verbal spar over her than literal spar.

It is something different, Ive never done before with someone with whom I could become romantically involved.

"Dinner is ready," I said as I removed the invisible energy screen. "Good, I am starving after hearing your talk; I just hope it is not empty like a balloon." She said as she came toward the dining table, and on the way, her expressions changed as the smell of cooking filled her nose.

"You are such gentlemen." As I pulled her chair, I smiled at that and took a seat opposite her, and a humanoid golem made of blue crystal began serving us.

This humanoid Golem is a gift from Elena; she had gotten a few of them in the ruin she had explored a few months ago. These golems that they could take a blow from Tyrants without getting scorched.

Unfortunately, these Golems are not programmed to fight. They are butler golems, which could include anything other than fight. If one took them out in the fight, they moved away immediately.

The runic masters in the academy tried to changes their codex, but they were unsuccessful.

"Fancy Golem," Mira commented on Golem, "Thank You, it is a gift from a friend," I said, to which she arched her brow and opened her mouth to say something when butler golem expertly placed a steaming soup bowl in front of her that made do whatever she was doing and stare at the soup in wonder.

I couldn't help but smile, seeing her

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