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Chapter 1312 - Cooking In Cafeteria

Knock Knock…

I was observing the mist in two roses concurrently, trying to see the difference between them, when a knock sounded on the door.

"Come in," I said, and a familiar short figure in a white coat walked in. She is Lena, a Peak Prince Healer who worked at the hospital. "Micheal, the kitchen staff, were asking if you are going to be cook today?" she asked.

Lena keeps her eyes neutral, but I could see the clear expectations shining in the eyes. "Of course, I was going to come in a few minutes," I said to her and walked out of my cabin with her.

A few minutes later, I passed through the healer's lounge toward the cafeteria with Lena. Some of the healers followed us as we walked toward the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, I walked directly into the kitchen where the staff of ten chefs and a couple of healers were already waiting; not only that, they have also kept a huge amount of stuff on the counter, ready to cut and cook.

"Everything is ready as you required." said a portly middle-aged man smilingly; he is the head chef of the healer's cafeteria.

"Thank You, Mr. West," I said and walked toward a huge counter where a large number of things are placed. Well, such an amount is needed to cook nearly three hundred healers.

My cooking for healers started about two months ago when Mira and I had dinner with Mark, who is Mira's childhood friend and when he ate, he spilled the beans about to other healers; some of them had already become my friends like Lena.

So, I had to invite them all for dinner, and the next thing I know, news of my cooking spread among all the healers, and many of them asked me to invite them for dinner.

The request had become too much that I decided to cook all the healers once and for all and be done with it, but to my surprise, when I had cooked for about three hundred people, I saw challenging it is to control the energies in such huge amount of food that when I finished, all the dishes could be said to have 75-80 mark which is far less than my usual 90 to 98.

So, as a challenge to myself, I cooked for another time and then and then another till I got my usual 90 scores in all dishes; by that time, I had clearly realized the benefits of cooking such a large amount of food.

My energy control is improving rapidly, and I am learning recipes inside the tome at a much faster speed. So, I continue to cook for them, and now, I cooked at four to six times a week, and I have to say, the benefits I am getting from becoming greater and greater.

"We will try something different today," I said, and just as I said, I could see the eyes of everyone started to shine brightly; even healers who have come to the watch even made a noise.

Most stuff on the counter has disappeared, and in its place, new things have appeared.

In these months, the news recipes in coster increased tremendously. I now have a total of seventy-eight recipe

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