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Chapter 1281 - High Level Of Duke Stage

Without wasting any time, I tapped on the runic humanoid couple of times to begun my breakthrough.

A moment later, I was thrown out of the Inheritance Space as energies started to revolve around my body. The changes also happen in my Inheritance Ruins as some runes began to turn into dust, and new runes are forming from that dust.

The resources I had placed around myself started disappearing at a greater pace than I had imagined. Also, a whirlpool of worldly energy forming above me at a much faster rate, I had imagined it to be.

The changes had caught me a little off guard, but I understood why my level up needed such an amount of energy when I looked at ruins.

My runes are upgraded by the energy of that fearsome Beast. They will maintain an upgraded state even after new runes are added; when that happened, and the energy from destroyed runes is not enough to make new runes of the same quality as them, they will get the energy from outside.

Even though the whirlpool of worldly energy is becoming bigger and bigger and providing more energy to the runes, it did not seem to be enough; the runes are sucking up resources at an even faster speed than before.

I had expected something like that might happen and converted nearly all the raw resources into refined resources to be used by the vines.

I had a huge amount of raw resources; every Grimm Monster is a walking vault, their storages containing a shit load of things, and since I rarely sell any of the materials I got from the Grimm Monsters, I had a shit load of them in my storage.

The academy had many people who were more than willing to purify them for me in exchange for my Essense Roses. I had employed more than two hundred low to high-level alchemists to refine nearly all the resources I have.

The teacher was surprised to see me refining so much of the raw resources, but she did not ask why.

Seeing the small room of resources vanishing at visible speed, I took out more resources and filled the room with them again, and runes started to suck on them even more ravenously.

I looked inside me and saw a flood of energy, both from the resources and worldly energy, coming inside me. These energies are not only being used to create more runes but also being used to upgrade the runes present in my body further.

I had designed my Inheritance in such a way that it will always try to improve, so I am surprised seeing the runes sucking energies to upgrade themselves even further.

My only focus on the resources they are consuming, so I could predict how many resources they will take during the next level up, most importantly, the big level up. My level up between Duke Stage to Prince Stage will be extremely huge, with me adding more than ten thousand runes into Inheritance.

Seeing the amount of resources I need for this small level up, where I barely added a thousand new runes, and first time sta

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